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Boruma Publishing was created by authors, for authors, to help authors get published.  It's as simple as that.

We've watched the industry change over the last dozen years, and the opportunities for a writer who can create a well-crafted story are endless!

Whether your niche is fiction, politics, erotica, westerns, science fiction, or anything in between, you write because you love to write. But you also want to get paid for all your hard work--and so you should!

We want to help you make the sales and the royalties you deserve. Why? Because we understand, in a way no one but a fellow author can, how much work you've put into your masterpiece.

What do we get in return? Not much in terms of money...but a whole lot in terms of satisfaction. And at the end of the day, we think that's a whole lot more important than a big paycheck. (Are we crazy? Quite probably. But we're having fun, and we think you should, too!)

If you think our services are a good fit for your goals, contact us! We're never more than an e-mail away, and never too busy to make a new friend!

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