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Broken - Book 5 - Trials & Tribulations


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[incest, brother sister incest, brother sister sex, incest romance, rough sex, bondage, bdsm, taboo erotica]

~ The tale of forbidden lovers, Mark and Megan, continues. ~

In the 5th installment of this epic series, Megan recalls the beginning of her new drug-free life, as well as the two trials that forever changed her brother. Megan is also faced with the decision of whether or not to accept Mark’s offer of his heart, and how a decision either way will have series consequences.


      “Don’t worry.” Mark said. “I’m not looking for the answer today. You said we’ll talk over dinner tomorrow night and we will, but, as for fooling around now? Well the sex earlier proved one point this will prove another.”
      “What does that mean?” I demanded, upset at how he had said that. “If I say no you won’t be with me anymore? Are you going to blackmail me like I’m one of your court…”
      “Oh spare me the drama Megan,” Mark laughed. “Christ, you do get caught up in poor me don’t you?”
      “Don’t make fun of me Mark.” I told him, but knew he was right.
      “Listen Megan I told you we won’t go through this today, but there is something you should know.” He paused and reaching down to the desk picked up the picture of him with Samantha from the cruise.
      “You know I’m sure in the beginning when I tried to get close to you in Chicago and then when I told you how I felt Saturday you thought this was a Sammy rebound. I got a taste of love and wanted it again and why not you?”
      “Well that’s half right sis, but it’s backwards. See I did love Samantha and was surprised that she could love me. I mean me,” Mark put his hands out. “The bad boy attorney, the arrogant womanizing devil worshipping pariah that takes whatever he wants no matter the cost.” He smiled sadly at the picture in his hand and putting it down, took my hand before continuing.
      “But as Samantha and I grew closer I realized that, like you, I had thought I’d never been in love, except for Krissy when I was a kid. As time went on though, something hit me. When I would lie there with Samantha and feel her love for me I realized it wasn’t new to me. I had felt it before, I had felt it my entire life, but never knew what it was. The way I felt with Sammy was the way I felt whenever we were together. Maybe not when you were having a lot of problems, but since you have been sober, Megan, we have been so much closer, you know we have.”
      Mark squeezed my hand and I looked away before I got misty eyed at his words. “So when I found that out I knew it wouldn’t be fair to Samantha to stay with her. I let her go and then after you spent some time with me and I was sure, I was ready to talk to you and Laura came into the picture. You were happy so I sat back and waited. I knew you wouldn’t last because you weren’t meant to. We’re meant to be together Megan. I know it in my heart and I think you do too, you just need to stop letting your mind and your guilt get in the way.”
      “See that’s the thing sis. I never thought I deserved to be happy, that I was a terrible person. Samantha taught me that I did deserve to be as happy as the next person and I want to be. I’m done with the pets and the games Megan I want the real thing now.”
      He stopped, probably because this was the most he had said in any conversation in years, and when he did I asked; “But what’s this got to do with you not wanting to…”
      “Megan I said how I feel and the ball is in your court. You know what I hope you’ll decide but,” he sighed. “If you don’t then I’m prepared to move on and look elsewhere.”
      “But what about us and …”
      “Megan just listen okay? Please.” Mark paused and after taking a deep breath went on. “I broke it off with Sammy to pursue my true love. The same true love you keep chasing. I know who mine is and maybe I’m yours, maybe I’m not. Thing is I laid it out there sis and if you say no then I tried and can put it behind me and look for someone that I can be happy with.”
      I started to open my mouth, but he had his hand up again.
      “Now what does that mean for us sis? Well in the beginning nothing. When I leave for California I’ll stop and visit in Chicago for a few days and when I get set up out there you can come out and we’ll have a blast. It will be just like it has been Megan we’ll be siblings with benefits. But this time it won’t be forever and this time you’ll know how I feel.”
      “What do you mean?” I asked.
      “Let’s face it the last few years I’ve been your standby, your fallback. We see each other we play we have fun you go back home. Then I get the call; Mark I found someone and I’m so happy.” He shrugged. “Then I’m on the back burner, wondering if I’ll ever be with you again. Then it doesn’t work out and little brother picks up the pieces again, just like you did for me with Samantha.
      “But this time I’ll be looking as well. I’ll be looking for ‘the one’ as you say it. You know sis I have a lot to offer and it’s not just my looks and my career. I do have a heart and I want to give it to someone. I want to give it to you, but if you don’t want it then I’m sure someone will. They won’t be you, but I’ll know I can never have you. Thing is Meg we’ll keep going the way we have been, but then one day you’ll get that call. I’ll meet someone and you’ll be playing the waiting game.” He shook his head.
      “We been playing this game since that night I took you out to celebrate my new place. That was sixteen years ago. I’m tired of wondering and tired of playing games. So just be prepared for that phone call and don’t assume that I’m going to always be around to be your playmate.”
      Mark stopped and I stood there once again with no idea of what to say. The thought of never being with Mark again had occurred to me when I was with Laura, but at that point I had Laura. The thought of Mark finding someone and me still being alone was not a good one. Mark had let go of my hand and was silent, finally he looked at me and said.
      “You know Megan I’m a well read, well educated professional, one of the best attorneys in the country and I’m sure if I thought about it long enough I could come up with a more profound way of saying this, but in the end it comes down to one thing.”
      “What’s that Mark?” I asked numbly.
      Mark looked at me seriously for a moment then a slight smirk played across his face.
      “Well simply put sis, if you want to keep drinking the milk it’s time to buy the damn cow.”

Word Count: 145,950

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft