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My Friend's Hot Mom: She's So Shy


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[Milf, Cougar, older woman, younger man, cougar cub, friend’s mom, milf erotica, milf fantasy]

Sam has always thought his friend Dave's mother, Robin is hot…in fact, most guys do. The only person who doesn't think so is Robin herself, who is as shy and demure as she is attractive.

But for her birthday, Robin wants to celebrate by overcoming her shyness and having some sexy fun, but only with someone she knows will be good to her. Sam is more than willing to take one for the team, and show shy Robin what she's been missing.


      Robin was now sitting next to me, and before I managed to raise my eyes to her face, I caught a look inside her robe, and saw the inner half of her left breast and a hint of red lace.
      “So back to me finding this right guy.”
      “Well, I think you have to leave the house to do that,” I laughed.
      She smiled at me and moved over so her hip was touching mine. I could smell her perfume and her long blonde hair was tickling my arm beneath my sleeve. “Who says?”
      What did that mean? I gave her a nervous smile and forced a laugh. “Hey, you have someone hiding under the bed?”
      “Not under it, but maybe on it.”
      “On…” I stopped when she put her hand over mine.
      “You know, today is my birthday and it was going to be a happy one. Know why?”
      “You were going to um…have a nice night?” As bold as I had been, I wasn’t about to say ‘get laid.’
      “I was going to cut loose tonight.” She tugged on the top of the robe. “I haven’t worn this in a long time, and I went out and bought something sexy for under it.” She giggled. “I think I blushed when I paid for it.”
      “Bet you did.” I looked down as she ran her nails across the back of my hand and up my arm.
      I shivered at the contact, and my cock swelled as I let my eyes wander down to her chest where the robe had opened more from her pulling on it.
      “I did, but when I got into it I felt so sexy!” she smiled, “I was so looking forward to not being such a good girl tonight.” She sighed, “But then Ralph turned into a pig and I guess I’m glad it was before and not after.”
      “I agree.”
      “So I figured the night was ruined, then a good looking young man brought me flowers and told me how beautiful I am.” She cocked her head and winked at me, “And I know he’s not lying because he’s been staring at me since he came in my room.”
      My face grew hot, but not all with embarrassment. Her nails were running up and down my arm and my eyes were blatantly on her breasts and as she had just said, she knew it. Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly and when she stopped moving her hand and left it on my bicep I could feel her fingers trembling.
      My heart raced at the thought Robin was into me and my cock was now fully erect and aching with desire. I was torn between going for it and kissing her or letting her make the first move in case I was wrong or she decided to change her mind.
      “I have been looking,” I said softly, “I like what I see.”
      “And I like you looking,” she replied, “Which brings me back to my birthday.” Robin gave me a nervous smile that caused my heart to flutter and my cock to twitch. “I think that maybe, just maybe I might enjoy my birthday after all.”
      “Yeah?” I swallowed nervously as she caressed my cheek and leaned closer to me.
      “Well, it’s up to you, Sam.” Her face was inches from mine and her head tilted to the side as she continued, “Do you want to give me a lonely, sad woman a happy birthday?”

Word Count: 11.450