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My Friend's Hot Mom: Clean Dirty Fun


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[Milf, cougar, older woman, milf sex, milf erotica, cougar erotica, older woman younger man, friend’s mom]

First in a new series by Laura Lovecraft featuring lucky young men getting the chance to do what they've fantasized about for years; they're friend's hot mother!

Tom's had a long day and plans on just heading home to bed. But when his best friend Joe calls and asks him if he can swing by his house and pick up some books for him Tom agrees. Tom figures if nothing else he'll get to check out Karen, Joe's smoking hot cougar of a mother and the woman he's fantasized about since he met her.

Tom figures maybe he'll catch her lying out by the pool, but instead, he's treated to something even better; Joe's mom in the bathtub playing with herself! Tom stands back and enjoys the show, but ends up getting caught when Karen see's him in the mirror. Tom figures he's in for it and he's right. But instead of trouble what Tom gets is some good old fashioned clean dirty fun!


      Right now Karen was enjoying her own company and with another cock inspiring moan she lifted her other leg. Placing her wet foot against the mirror, she kept that leg up along the wall and I stared at her foot on the mirror. Her toe’s were painted the same purple as her fingers and she was wearing a silver ring on the middle toe, Christ, even her feet were sexy! I was in visual overload, trying to see everything at once, her fingers on her tit, her hand between her legs and the look of pleasure on her face as she played with herself.
      Karen was moaning louder then stopped and brought her hand up from between her legs. She reached down next to the tub and picked something up. I had to fight to keep my jaw from dropping when I saw it was a purple vibrator. Karen brought it to her mouth and teased the tip along her sensual lips. She parted them and to my enjoyment slid the vibrator partway into her mouth.
      She moaned around it as she slid it in and out as if it were a cock. She wasn’t the only one wishing it was a cock because all I could think of was those lips around mine. Karen slipped the toy from her mouth and turned it on. The loud hum sent a shiver through me and I saw one run through her when she placed the tip against her swollen nipple.
      “Oh, yes.” She said softly.
      She held it to her nipple for a moment before switching to the other. Karen worked it back and forth, moaning and sighing as she teased her excited flesh. She then ran the toy down between her breasts and under the water, I watched in the reflection as she slid the toy along her inner thighs then up through the lips of her pussy.
      I couldn’t quite make out her pussy under the water, but could plainly see the purple toy. She was working it up and down and gasped whenever it struck the top. I could only imagine how hard her clit was at this point. Karen was breathing heavily and I noticed a trickle of sweat running down between her beautiful breasts. Between the hot water and the candles I could feel the heat from where I was and was doing some sweating myself, although I was sure it from the show before me more than the heat escaping from the bathroom.
      Karen kept the vibrator at the tip of her pussy and with a long moan started moving her hips under the water, grinding her pussy into the toy. She stopped and I swallowed hard when I saw the toy disappear between her legs.
      “Oh, honey.” Karen purred as she buried the toy in her pussy, “Hmm that feels good, nice and slow.”
      She began to work the toy in and out and as she described, slowly, sliding it just about all the way out before working it back in.
      “Oh, yeah.” He moaned, her other hand busy on her nipple again, “Now faster.”
      She moved the vibrator faster and then moaned out, “Harder!”
      Her arm pumped furiously back and forth as she thrust the toy repeatedly inside her. She released her nipple and slipping her other hand beneath the water stroked her clit. My hand dropped between my legs and rubbed my throbbing prick through my shorts. I could feel the tip dripping on my thigh and was breathing through my mouth trying not to moan as I caressed my excited cock.
      “Yes!” She groaned, “Just like that! Come on, baby, fuck my pussy! Fuck me hard, baby!”

Word Count: 12,180