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[hot wife, cuckold, voyeur, milf, cougar cub, humiliation, oral sex, anal sex, rough sex]

It's the first night of Laura and Phil's vacation and she's looking forward to some seriously hot sex, and letting Phil watch! Phil is always upset when she dresses slutty and picks up men to bring back to their house, but Laura knows that's all part of his game, denying the fact he loves it.

When bad weather keeps them from leaving the hotel, Phil gloats she's not going to get what she wants tonight. But when room service is delivered by a good looking young stud named Kevin, Laura's the one gloating! She plans on giving Kevin the tip of a lifetime and as always Phil is left to just sit and watch. Or is he?


      “Kevin.” He said, giving her another nervous smile, “Well, I’ll let you folks enjoy your evening.”
      “What’s the hurry honey?” She purred, “With this weather you can’t have a lot of people checking in.”
      “No, it’s pretty slow.” He said glumly, “Not many people on a Thursday, never mind the way this storm kicked in. This was the first trip to a room I’ve made in an hour.”
      “Aww, that must suck, especially for tips.” She told him.
      “Really.” He nodded, “And there’s two other people working so I have to share, next two calls I can’t handle that way they can maybe make some tips.”
      “You like tips?” She cocked her head and winked, “Nice big firm, tips.” Laura stared him in the eye, “Seems like you’ve been looking for some.” She lowered her gaze pointedly to her chest where her nipples were prominently displayed through the robe.
      “Here you go, Kevin.” Phil inserted himself between them and pushed a twenty into Kevin’s hand, “Hopefully things pick up for you tonight.”
      “They could be picking up right now.” Laura walked past Phil and facing Kevin once more, gave him a deliberate up and down stare as he had done to her.
      “So you have no reason to hurry back down to the desk do you, Kevin?”
      “Um, no.” He returned her smile, and her stare, his eyes once again seeking her tits, but this time not trying to hide it.
      A wave of heat flowed through her when she realized he wasn’t that nervous or naïve.
      “That’s good to hear.” She cooed delightedly, “Because you’re right, it’s pretty slow around here and I’d love some company.” Laura stepped closer to him and lowered her voice to a seductive purr, “You want to keep me company, baby?”
      She turned from him and slowly strolled over near the couch, putting some extra swing in her hips and getting wetter by the second as she felt his eyes on her. She stopped in front of the couch and turned to see Phil, standing in front of her.
      “Don’t you dare.” He hissed.
      “Go sit down.” She told him, pointing at the chair across from the couch. When he didn’t move she added, “Now.”
      Their eyes met and within seconds he lowered his gaze and obediently walked over and sat down.
      “I…should be going.” Kevin said, an awkward smile on his face as he watched Phil sit there, with his head down, like a scolded dog.
      “Why?” Laura asked sweetly, “You just said you have nothing to do.”
      “Yeah, but uh, I was only up here to bring a tray.”
      “And we had some trouble with the wi fi and you were kind enough to fix it. Isn’t that your job, Kevin? Tending to the needs of your guests?”
      While speaking, Laura had grabbed the ends of the belt of her robe. She tugged them slightly, just enough for the robe to open a little more. Enough to show more of her breasts, right down to the edge of the pink skin surrounding her nipples.
      “That is my job,” He said it softly, his eyes fixed on her tits and moving slowly, as if he weren’t sure of what he was doing, he walked towards her.
      “Laura!” Phil spoke up, “The kid has to get back to work.”
      “Oh, he’ll be working.” Kevin was now standing in front of her, “You’ll be working hard for me won’t you?”
      She put her hands briefly on his stomach and shivered at how hard and flat it felt. She wanted to see what else was hard, but instead, lightly caressed his cheeks with her fingers before beginning to unbutton his shirt.
      Her eyes were on his and despite the way they widened in surprise; he made no attempt to move, just stood there staring at her, a look of desire spreading across his face.
      “You could get him…”
      “Oh, just shut up!” She snapped, still unhurriedly working her way down, Kevin’s shirt. To her chagrin he stepped back from her and glanced at Phil.
      “Sorry, I don’t want any trouble, I should go and...”
      He stopped when she shook her head and beckoned him back to her.
      “It’s okay, Kevin, pay him no mind.”
      “But, that’s your husband right?”
      “Right and my husband loves to watch me fuck other guys, especially young hot guys.”
      “He doesn’t seem to.” Even as he spoke he let her start again on his shirt. His eyes were bright and she noticed him trembling. She’d done nothing, yet was already just about in full control of him and she was going to fix that now.
      “He loves it, don’t you Phil?” She stared over at him, “You like to watch, don’t you?”
      “Yes.” He said softly that familiar mixture of excitement and self loathing spreading across his face.
      “Why do you like it, Phil?” She un-tucked Kevin’s shirt and finishing the last button pulled it open and ran her hands down his chest, “Tell him why.” She breathed, her hands trembling in anticipation as she fondled his well muscled chest and stomach.
      “Because I like to see my wife happy.” Phil said as if he were in another world. He stared as she pushed Kevin’s shirt over his shoulders and rubbed his impressive biceps.
      “Just like it?” Laura asked while watching Kevin undo the cuffs of his shirt and drop it to the floor.
      “No, I…I love it.” He whispered as she once more grabbed the ties to her robe.
      Kevin’s eyes were on her chest, but he still wasn’t touching her and was looking over at Phil as if unsure what to make of this.
      “Tell our pretty young friend here that its okay, Phil.” She teasingly pulled the ties just a little more, “Tell him what you really want.”
      “I want you to fuck my wife.”
      “Why?” She asked, her breathing growing heavier, “Tell him why.”
      “Because I love seeing her satisfied and I can’t satisfy her.”
      “There you go, baby!” She laughed, “Hall pass! Now how about you stop being so nervous and do what you know you want to?”
      “This is a little weird.” He laughed nervously.
      “Why?” Laura asked, “Its all about being fair. You brought me a fresh hot meal so why shouldn’t I give you something nice to eat?”
      Laura pulled the ties and slipping the robe off let it drop to the floor. Kevin’s jaw dropped with it. He stared open mouthed as she stood completely naked before him.
      “Don’t you want a fresh hot meal?” She asked, caressing her tits for him, “Freshly showered.” Her hand strayed between her thighs and spread her pink slit, “Freshly shaved, and all for you.”

Word Count: 10,530

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft