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A Hotwife Valentine


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[Hot wife, cuckold, humiliation, cheating, oral sex, femdom, cum drinking, loving wife]

It's Valentine's Day and Debra couldn't be happier. In addition to a beautiful bouquet of roses, she has another special gift coming her way; a night with her long time lover, Charles. Charles takes Debra just like she loves it, hard and nasty. Debra is so grateful she rewards him with a very special treat.

Afterwards Debra is so satisfied she decides everyone should have some fun even her cuck husband Billy. After all, seeing he bought the roses shouldn't his hot wife give him something special for Valentine's in return?


            Billy took hold of his cock and I wanted to roll my eyes at how it disappeared in his hand. He pumped it quickly and to give him some inspiration I rubbed my pussy. He stared at my red nails teasing though my moist pink flesh and within seconds he was hard.
      “Hmm, hard to believe you and Charles are the same species. Do you want to come, Billy?”
      “If…if you think I should.”
      “I do and know what?” I tapped his hand. “Let it go. I think I’ll do it for you.”
      “You…you’ll make me come?” he asked, his eyes wide with excitement.
      “Yes, because I think you deserve some fun tonight.”
      I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around his skinny dick and jerked him off with two fingers.
      “Oh, thank you, my love.” He moaned idiotically.
      I watched my fingers glide easily up and down his dick recalling how my hand barely fit around Charles. Right now that cock was soapy and waiting for me in a nice hot shower and here I was playing with this little boy dick.
      Billy was already trembling and breathing hard and I swore it had only been thirty seconds. Then again it had been awhile and it’s not like it really mattered; that was what Charles was for.
      “You going to come for me, baby?” I purred, “Going to shoot a nice hot load for your loving wife?”
      “Oh, oh yes.” He whimpered, “It feels so good Debra! Please….please I…oh!”
      Billy released another moronic sound of pleasure and his dick twitched between my fingers. Pointing it downward I placed the tip at the edge of the glass and as he continued to sound like a reject from a bad porn movie, I milked his skinny prick into the glass. He shot several thin squirts of cum into the sticky white mess already there and I had to admit it was a pretty impressive amount for him.
      “Oh, that’s a nice big load!” I cooed, “You came nice and hard for me didn’t you?”
      “Yes my love,” He moaned as I gave his dick a hard squeeze, causing a couple of more drops to spill out.
      ”Good boy.” Kissing my fingertips I placed them on the sticky head of his dick.
      “Now get back on your knees for another treat.”
      I opened my legs for him and he quickly dropped down on his knees.
      “Would you like something sweet for Valentine’s Day?”
      “Yes, my love!”
      “Good, because I have something sticky and sweet for you.” I began. “Because I feel bad you missed my toast earlier.”
      Grabbing his chin roughly I tilted his head back and held the glass over his face. “Open wide!”

Word Count: 9,140

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft