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Paid By The Foot


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[foot fetish, lesbian, lesbian foot fetish, foot job, double foot job, foot worship, fetish]

Keri and her girlfriend Sarah are hard working college coeds short on their rent. They have exhausted every possibility to come up with the money and now both will have to move back home and be unable to live together. But then Sarah tells Keri there is another way and asks her to meet her at a local club.

There Sarah introduces Keri to Rick, a well off older gentlemen who is more than willing to help out a pretty pair of coeds. Keri refuses to whore herself, let alone be with a man, but she has nothing to worry about because Rick, also known as Mister Foot, only has interest in one part of them; their sexy little feet. Sarah names her price and promises a hell of a show and a double foot job the likes of which Rick has never experienced. At first Rick thinks the price is high, but Sarah reminds him there are four sexy feet involved and he is paying by the foot.


      “The guy sitting there? His name is Rick, but…” she giggled, “They call him Mr. Foot. He’s part owner of the club and when he feels like indulging his little hobby he comes out here and walks around staring at girl’s feet. I mean he’ll look in general, but all he really cares about is pretty feet on sexy girls.”
      “How do you know, you only come here once in a while?” I sipped at my drink, resisting the urge to chug it, I was definitely feeling pretty good right now. “Jen comes here a lot and one night a bouncer comes up to her and says she was invited up here. So she came up and the guy introduced her to Rick who really liked her shoes and her feet and wanted a better look. So long story short he asks to jerk off on them. Jen says gross, but then the guy offers her a hundred dollars to jerk him off with her feet and a six month pass to come here whenever she wants. So…she’d had a few and figured why not?”
      “She gave him a footjob? And he came on her feet? Ewww!” I scrunched up my face.
      “And he licked his cum off her feet” she grimaced, “But hey, whatever floats his boat, less sleazy than having a girl blow him or fuck him I think.”
      “Paying is paying.” I sighed, “So are you telling me you want to let this pig fuck your feet?”
      “Our feet.” She corrected me. “He won’t pay five hundred for a foot job, but I bet he would pay that for four pretty little feet.”
      “Are you nuts?” I snapped, “That means we….we’d have to put our feet all over his cock!”
      “So?” Sarah shrugged, “We’ve both been with a couple of guys before and our feet are all it will touch. Well, he might want to suck our toes, but big deal.”
      “That’s nasty! We don’t even suck each other’s toes!”
      “We will tonight.” She said simply, “We’re going to need a good show to get five hundred.”
      “No way!” I crossed my arms and tossed my hair for effect. “We’re not whores.”
      “He’s not going to fuck us!” she waved her hand at me, “What’s the matter, you afraid your toes will never forgive you? Christ, Keri, it’s our feet” she laughed, “My only issue will be keeping a straight face.”
      “Sarah, really? It is pretty nasty and….Hey!”
      I cried out in surprise when Sarah kicked my shoe from my toes then placed her foot over mind and slid it up and down.
      “What?” She giggled again, “I’m just playing footsy with my girlfriend.” I started to move my foot, but she purred, “Come on, Keri doesn’t that feel nice? My nice soft foot on yours?”
      “I guess.” I shrugged, but fact was it did feel pretty good.
      Sarah was now working her foot part way up to my knee before sliding it back to the top of me foot. The sole of her foot was nice and soft and she was barely touching my leg. When her foot slid down over mine, she wiggled her toes playfully against mine, then slid her foot beneath and wiggled them against the sole of my foot. It tickled and I giggled and Sarah said, “Now you do it.”
      I figured why not? I was only touching her. I ran my foot along her soft leg enjoying her smooth skin. I glanced down and watched my white foot sliding across her bronzed leg and the sight caused my face to flush and it was not from the drinks. I worked my foot back down her leg and as she had done wiggled my toes against hers.
      “Look at him.” She whispered, “He looks like he’s ready to pop.”
      I shifted my eyes his way and saw he was now leaning forward in his chair staring intently at our legs. Sarah slipped her foot from beneath mine and I gasped when she placed it on my thigh. Her dark foot looked damn good there and I was aware I was breathing heavier.
      “I bet he’s hard as a rock.” She said softly, “Just from watching. I think it’s hot that he’s excited. I’m soaking through my thong just thinking about how good he thinks we look.” She curled her toes into my thigh, “And how goddamn hot you are.”
      My eyes left our legs and focused on Sarah, like me she was breathing heavy and her gorgeous breasts were rising and falling with each breath. Her brown eyes were wide and her full red lips parted, damn she looked good. One effect a good buzz had on me was it got me damned horny and even sitting here at the club talking about making money by stroking some perv off with our feet, my body was responding to her.

Word Count: 13,960

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft