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Sweet Sole Sister


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[incest, brother sister incest, brother sister sex, foot fetish, foot job, foot worship, taboo erotica, fetish]

Justin has a foot fetish; it's a little weird, but not a big deal. Well, it wouldn't be if the feet he lusted after most didn't belong to his hot older sister Jessie. It started innocently, with Justin giving her foot rubs after her long shifts as a waitress; a brother being nice to his sister.

But when Justin begins to watch foot videos he realizes his sister's feet are sexy. From there he can't help noticing everything about Jessie is hot. No longer able to rub her feet without becoming aroused, Justin stops the foot rubs hoping it will clear his mind of his sick thoughts.

But then Jessie comes into his room and begs him to rub her sore feet. His big sister has always been good to him and when she starts pouting and batting her eyes he can never say no. Justin rubs her feet and to his chagrin, Jessie tells him she knows all about his fetish and how he has jerked off on her stockings.

Justin begs her not to tell their mother, but he has nothing to worry about as it seems Jessie shares his fetish and would like nothing more than for her brother to indulge it with her. But that's only the beginning because Justin’s big sister wants him to play with more than her feet tonight!


      “What are you doing?” I stopped rubbing when her foot slid up my chest.
      “Just playing.” She grinned, “I thought you liked playful feet?”
      “W...what do you mean?”
      “I thought you liked feet, especially mine.”
      I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach, but still my attention was drawn to Jessie, whose foot had now reached the front of my shoulder. That move caused her skirt to fall upwards exposing a black thong which barely covered her pussy. My cock was trying to fight its way out of my shorts at the sight of that thin strip of dark material between those white thighs and I became aware of her foot sliding higher until her toes were curling into the top of my arm.
      “W…well?” I repeated like an idiot.
      Jessie rolled her eyes, but the smile was back on her face.
      “Little brother, can I ask you something?”
      “Sure.” I said softly, looking down at her red toes on my arm.
      “Do you have a foot fetish?”
      “I…no!” I lied, “Why would you think that?”
      “Let’s see,” she started raising her fingers one by one. “There are foot videos all over your lap top, you stare at the feet of every girl that goes by when I’m with you, and …” she laughed, “There’s this pair of stockings that I threw out then found in your trash when you forgot to clean your room and I didn’t want you to get in trouble.”
      “Oh my…” I began.
      “They had all these nasty white stains on them.” She sighed, “Looked like the same white spots I found on my blue sandals a couple of weeks ago. Guess you didn’t wipe them off as well as you thought.”
      “I…” I could feel my face getting hotter by the minute and whispered, “Jessie I…I’m really sorry I know that was sick, but I….oh!”
      I gasped when moving quickly; Jessie pulled her foot from my hands and placed it directly on my swollen cock.
      “Ohh,” she purred, “You do like my feet don’t you?”
      “I…oh, don’t do that.” I moaned as she began sliding her foot across the length of my hard on.
      “Why not? It’s what you want isn’t it?”
      “Jessie, please don’t tease me.” I said, grabbing her ankle to move her foot. “I…I’m sorry and please don’t tell mom. She’ll…”
      “Who says, I’m teasing?” she asked as she stared down at her foot in my lap, “And I won’t tell mom, hell if anything after tonight we’d both be in a lot of trouble.”
      “You…you’re not teasing?” I asked, refusing to believe I heard her right.
      “Does it seem like I am?” Jessie emphasized her words by curling her toes into my cock. Even through the sorts and my underwear it caused me to moan. “See, I have a little secret to share with you, my pervert of a brother.”
      “You…oh god.” I groaned as she pressed her foot harder against my aching flesh.
      “Don’t interrupt its taking me a long time to get the nerve to do this. Thing is Justin, I have a foot fetish too.”

Word Count: 15,150

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft