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Under The Mistle-Toe


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[Foot fetish, foot worship, foot job, oral sex Holiday erotica, shoe fetish, Christmas, fetish]

Jake is going through a tough time. Not only has he been working like a dog, but his girlfriend of the last two years just left him three days before Christmas. To add to his frustration, just before they broke up, his ex Sandra had promised she would finally let him indulge his foot fetish and play with her sexy feet.

Jake is so excited he even orders special shoes for the occasion. Then he finds out she had been seeing another man. Now here it is the night of the Christmas party and the usually spirited Jake is moping alone in his office. To add salt to the wounds Jake receives a package containing the sexy shoes he bought to fulfill his fantasies.

Disgusted, he gives the shoes to his good friend and very hot co-worker Charlotte. Well things are about to look up for Jake because Charlotte has been waiting a long time to give Jake a special present of her own and armed with the shoes and some strategically placed mistletoe she plans on giving Jake a Merry Christmas after all.


      I looked up to see Charlie walk in and close the door behind her. I started to say something, but stopped when I saw her thumb the lock on the door. Charlie was wearing her long leather jacket, and as she turned away from the door and started walking towards me, she undid the belt and let it drop to the floor.
      “Oh, fuck me.” I whispered. Under the jacket Charlie was wearing a tight red dress that barely went down to her mid thigh. The dress had spaghetti straps and low enough to show quite a bit of cleavage. Her long auburn hair was down and even from a distance I could see her face was flushed and her eyes bright, she had obviously been drinking.
      “Hey blue eyes.” She said softly as she made her way over to the desk.
      “Charlie, what are you…oh damn.”
      As always my eyes had dropped down and I saw she was wearing the shoes I had given her. I felt my heart begin to beat faster at the sight of her red tipped toes and ivory foot encased in the deep red sandal. The ribbon was wound around her legs and I could already feel myself begin to stiffen. Oh, this was not fair.
      “I came to give you your present Jake.” Charlie said as she came around my desk.
      Instead of sitting on the edge of it, she walked up to me and with a shove sent me rolling backwards a couple of feet.
      “Charlie,” I began, stopping the chair with my feet. “Are you drunk?”
      “Drunk?” She repeated as she sat dead center in the middle of my desk. “Nope, but I am relaxed enough to have decided that I’m going to give us both a present.”
      Leaning over, she caught the arms of the chair and pulled me back to the desk. I was too stunned to stop myself from being pulled forward, and when she stopped, I was directly in front of her. Putting her feet on my thighs, she whispered “So how do they look Jake?”
      “I…” I stared down at her feet and had to resist the urge to lick my lips. “Ummm, they look great but…”
      Charlie silenced me by putting her finger to my lips.
      “Jake, I think you should un-wrap the ribbon on this one.” She tapped her left leg. “I think you’ll like what you find.”
      I looked at her hand resting on her ivory thigh and noticed the skirt had ridden up even higher. Her legs were closed, but I had no doubt if she opened them I would get quite a show. Speaking of shows, my gaze dropped to my own thighs to stare at her sandal clad feet resting there.
      “Well?” She asked. “Aren’t you going to untie me?” When I still remained frozen she shrugged. “Okay, I’ll get it started.”
      Reaching down she pulled one end of the ribbon behind her knee and unwound it a couple of times, before handing me the end of the ribbon.
      “Take it Jake,” She gave me the pout. “I’ll be upset if you don’t.” She batted her eyes at me. “You don’t want to upset me on Christmas do you blue eyes?”
      Knowing it would be the end of me, but unable to help it, I reached out and took the ribbon from her. Charlie raised her leg and straightened it, allowing me to wind the ribbon around her leg. I carefully kept my eyes on her leg, resisting the urge to glance up her skirt. I had un-wrapped the ribbon down to her ankle when seeing something under it, I stopped and stared; Under the ribbon she was wearing a silver anklet. Dangling from it was a piece of mistletoe.
      With a giggle that caused my rising cock to reach full attention, Charlie moved her leg and shoved her foot in my face. Wiggling her toes, she laughed again.
      “They’re under the mistletoe baby, gotta give them a kiss!”

Word Count: 14,240

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft