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[Erotic romance, romance, older man younger woman, May-December romance, mature, erotica]

Karma was given her name because her mother believed good things happen to good people. Karma used to believe that...but that was before her mother passed away, and Karma herself became homeless for doing the right thing. Even her friend Joe, an older widower, is lonely and shouldn't be. Life seems unfair, but Karma and Joe will soon learn that good things do happen for good people.


      Young waitress Karma used to be a firm believer in her name. After all, her mother had been going down a bad path until Karma was born, but then her life turned around. "Good things come to good people," her mother always told her. Karma used to believe that, but then her mother died far too young, and Karma herself is now homeless for doing the right thing by refusing to do the wrong thing.
      Even her favorite customer, Joe, a sweet, attractive widower, is now alone because his wife also passed away at a young age. Right now it seems to Karma that only bad things seem to be happening to the good people she knows.
      That point is driven home when, as she has had to for weeks now, Karma goes to a homeless shelter for a meal, and runs into Joe who has started volunteering there. Karma has never been more humiliated, especially since she sees Joe every day at the diner.
      But things begin to turn around for her when Joe suggests that she move into his house until she can find her own place. From there, the two become even closer.
      One night, at dinner, when Joe admits to her that he is still alone because he has issues with intimacy since his wife passed, Karma decides to thank him for his kindness by showing him he is still capable of loving someone. Karma and Joe are about to find out that good things do come to good people.

Word Count: 137,730

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft