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Sharing His Student


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[group sex, threesome, ffm threesome, older couple younger woman, student teacher fantasy, lesbian sex, double blow job, menage a trois]

Lynn and Rob have a great marriage. Like all great marriages they share everything, including another woman from time to time.

Usually it's a woman around their age, but lately Jen has been craving a young inexperienced girl to play with.

They've had no luck, and it’s not looking good for Lynn’s fantasy. That is, until one of Rob's students gets caught cheating, and will do anything to stay in school!


      Rob began unbuttoning her blouse as he continued to kiss her neck. That bastard, I had wanted to do that! As if he had sensed my thoughts he stopped after a couple of buttons. He then slipped his hands in her blouse and Krissy gasped as he fondling her through the bra.
      She let her head fall back and as Rob started kissing the top of her chest, I noticed her hips were beginning to rock back and forth. Oh, the dirty little thing was enjoying this! Rob grabbed her left wrist and gave it a push.
      Her hand dipped down to his crotch and rubbed it through his jeans. Rob turned his head towards the door and gave a wink. I was starting to rock back and forth on my feet, I was anxious to get into the game, but wanted to let her get to the point of no return before I did.
      That moment was apparently right around the corner. To my and by the look on his face, Rob’s surprise, Krissy pulled back from him and with a playful shove sent him into a sitting position on the bed.
      A rush of heat went through my pussy as with a smile Krissy unzipped her skirt and with a sexy little shimmy, let it fall to the floor. She paused to kick off her heels while undoing the last buttons on her shirt and tossing it off.
      Standing before Rob in just the lacy black thong, and bra, she said, “Do you think I’m a good student professor?”
      “Oh, you nasty little thing.” I muttered as my hand dipped between my legs, rubbing my pussy through the robe.
      “I think you….” Rob smiled, “Have some impressive credentials.”
      “And I’m a hard worker!” She gave him a sly smile and grabbed his cock through his jeans. “You hard at work sir?”
      The look of surprise on his face almost made me laugh. Whatever he thought of Krissy she seemed pretty damn bold. She proved that point again when she grabbed the bottom of Rob’s t-shirt and pulling it over his head threw it to the side.
      “Oh, look at you,” she cooed, running her small hands up and down his chest. “Oh, this isn’t going to be work at all!”
      “No?” Rob asked as he reached around and started playing with her ass. “You don’t think so?”
      “Not at all,” she leaned forward and ran her pink tongue around his nipple, “But I always did like studying.” She laughed, “What would you like me to study sir?”
      Oh, this girl was too much! True I’d wanted demure, but there was no denying this was hot! There was also the little surprise t we had planned for her, let’s see how she handles that. But at the moment, I stayed where I was and enjoyed the view. Krissy had made a show of slowly sinking to her knees while confidently unzipping his jeans.
      “I…I think you know what you need to do.” Rob’s voice was breathless with excitement as she had obviously caught him off guard, but like me, he wasn’t complaining.
      “I do,” she said softly as she pulled on his jeans. “That’s why I’m a good student, I …oh, wow!” Rob hadn’t been wearing underwear and when Krissy tugged his jeans over his hips, his cock sprang free.
      “Damn,” Krissy whispered with a look of lust on her face that had my hand on the doorknob. “That’s a nice dick.”
      “Yeah,” Rob asked, reaching out and brushing her hair from her face, so I would get a good view. “You like sucking cock?”
      “I do.” She said, running her tongue across her full lips.
      “You are a good girl aren’t you Krissy?”
      “Yes sir.”
      Reaching back, she started to remove her bra. I almost opened the door; I wanted to be there when she did that! Just as I started to push it open, Rob said quickly, “Why don’t you leave that on.”
      “You don’t want to see my tits?” she asked, surprised.
      “I…I want to take it off.” Rob told her, then added, “Now aren’t you going to show me what a good girl you are?”
      “Oh, yes sir,” she purred while grabbing his cock.
      Rob gasped and I trembled in excitement as I watched her small hand work its way up and down his cock. She pumped it slowly and when she reached the top, squeezed. Rob moaned and Krissy smiled up at him, before leaning forward and wrapping her pink lips around the head of his cock.
      Rob started to say something, but it turned into a loud groan as with no hesitation Krissy bobbed her head rapidly on his cock. I watched as she worked her way about halfway down his sizable cock, before sliding back up.
      She was moving quickly and following her lips with her hand. One thing was for sure, she was no stranger to sucking cock, but it was getting to be time to see what she could do with a pussy. Krissy removed Rob’s cock from her mouth and as she looked up at him with those big blue eyes, started tonguing the tip.
      “Am I earning my grade sir?” she asked, before quickly licking the length of his shaft up and down.
      “So far so good,” he said softly, then gasped as she took him back into her mouth. “Damn good," he nodded as he reached out and put his hand on her head.
      I watched him guide her head along his cock then, pushing the door open, yelled, “Rob, what the fuck are you doing?”
      Rob looked over at me and doing a remarkable job of staying in character, exclaimed, “Lynn!”
      Krissy had pulled her mouth from his cock, and looking up at me from her knees cried out, “Oh my god!”

Word Count: 12,380

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft