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My Friend's Hot Mom: After Midnight


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[Milf, Cougar, Milf Fantasy, Older woman younger man, Friend’s mom, Milf erotica, erotica, mature woman]

Second in a new series by Laura Lovecraft featuring lucky young men getting the chance to do what they've fantasized about for years; they're friend's hot mother!

Stephen is back from school and thrilled to be staying with his best friend for two weeks. He's also thrilled to see Mark's hot mother, Melanie. In exchange for staying there Stephen agrees to help Melanie with some things around the house that have been neglected since her divorce. Turns out that's not going to be a problem as the first things Stephen is told to tend to is Melanie's hot body.


      I released a startled gasp when I saw Melanie standing next to the bed. She was wearing a short white robe that was tied loosely enough to show a good portion of her breasts and she was still wearing makeup. I started to say something, but she put her finger to my lips and getting on her knees next to the bed, placed her lips to my ear, “Shhh.”
      I jumped when I felt her hand on my chest then released a sharp breath as she slid her hand under the sheet and down my stomach. She grabbed my cock through my boxers and placed her other hand over my mouth just in time to stifle my groan as she stroked it through the cotton material.
      “Hmm someone’s hard.” Even though her lips were against my ear, I could barely hear her.
      Her hand slid along the length of my cock and my body tensed when I felt her fingers slide into my boxers. Panicked, I turned my head towards Mark, but he was still snoring as loud as ever.
      “If he doesn’t wake himself up, no one will.” She said, then sighed, “Oh, that feels nice.”
      Fortunately she had her hand to my mouth or another loud moan would have escaped me as her hand wrapped around my now bare cock. My hips jerked when Melanie pumped my cock slowly under the sheet and I was breathing hard against her hand. Speaking of hard my cock felt as if it were going to pop as her she jerked it. Melanie sighed in my ear as she stroked me and my hips moved in time with her slow strokes.
      I should have been scared shitless, her sitting here playing with my cock with Mark sleeping not ten feet away, but all I could focus on was how fucking good her hand felt and how dirty it was that she was in here doing it.
      “Damn, this is a nice cock,” she purred, “so hard, so big!”
      I grunted then whimpered pathetically when she reached the tip of my now dripping prick and rubbed her palm across it. The head was like a raw nerve and I squirmed in the bed, moaning in my throat as she rubbed her hand across it.
      “Let’s get it nice and wet.” she whispered.

Word Count: 12,620