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Our Neighbor's Naughty Daughter


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[Groupsex, threesome, Lesbian, FFM, older couple younger woman, cougar kitten, older woman younger woman, ménage a trois, group erotica]

Kim and Doug love playing with young women. Usually they play it safe and use escorts, but this time Doug suggests they pick up a girl at a club. Things were going well until Kim strikes out with their chosen prey. Things get worse when they run into their neighbor's daughter Jenna. Or do they? Kim quickly discovers that not only does Jenna know what they were there for, but is eager to play!


      Jenna let my waist go and placing her hands on my shoulders, urged me to turn around. I spun to face her and she stepped up close to me and raising her arms over her head did a slow sexy shimmy down to the floor. I gasped at the feeling of her hands on the backs of my knees and as she began to work her way back up those soft hands slid all the way up the back of my legs right up under my skirt.
      “Jenna, s…stop that.” I hissed at her. “I…ow!”
      I cried out as reaching my ass, she gave it a hard squeeze. She had lifted the back of my skirt up as she did it and I heard several whistles behind me and a guy call out, “Nice thong!”
      I blushed furiously, but even as I did my eyes followed Jenna who had worked herself back up to a standing position. She raised her arms over her head again, but this time took her long blonde hair up with it. She moved faster, gyrating her hips wildly while shaking her head back and forth. Her blonde hair whirled about her and I saw she had her eyes closed and her perfect lips parted. I swallowed hard at how damn sexy she looked and unable to help it, my eyes dropped to her tits and watched her shake them.
      Jenna dropped her arms and spinning around, drove her ass back into me. She leaned back against me and as I had done to Becca, I brought her arms up behind her and wrapped them around my neck. She began sliding back and forth lowering herself as far as she could without moving her arms and then sliding back up.
      I couldn’t hold back a moan as her bare upper back rubbed my nipples through my dress and her fingers were playing in my hair. With a start I realized this girl who was less than half my age was completely taking control of me.
      I turned my head to see Doug staring at us, his blue eyes wide and his face flushed. Even from a distance I could see he was breathing hard and I had no doubt he was envisioning Jenna and I naked and writhing together in our bed. I also saw quite a few of the young men and women around us watching. I was caught between being humiliated and turned on and as I focused back on Jenna the latter won out, she had shimmied up and down again and this time as she came to her feet, I worked my way down to the floor in front of her.
      Jenna laughed delightedly and I heard several people clap and cheer around us. As she had done I let my hands wander along her long smooth legs as I worked my way up. I stopped at the backs of her thighs, but couldn’t resist placing them on her ass over her dress and pulling her into me.
      Her arms quickly went around my shoulders and we started to sway back and forth, our faces only inches apart. My pussy was starting to drip and my nipples were aching as her blue eyes started directly into mine.
      Jenna’s lips were still parted and she was flushed and beginning to sweat. I could feel her nipples pushing against my dress through the flimsy material of hers and tried to tell myself to get away from her. But my body wasn’t listening and my mind was racing. Christ she was hotter than Becca and I had no doubt she was interested, or was she?
      If this was some kind of a game and I asked her back to our house, there would be hell to pay. I was going to turn and look at Doug, but knew he would be no help, if anything he would beg me to bring her home.
      My thoughts stopped when Jenna leaned towards me, her head was cocked and her mouth opening further. My eyes widened as hers closed and her lips sought mine. I started to move my head back, but her hand slid up my through my hair and held it long enough for her lips to graze mine.
      I gasped as those soft full lips, lightly pressed against me and before I could stop myself I kissed her back. Jenna released a soft purr that sent a shiver through me and her tongue flicked out across my lips. Her lips left mine and resting her head on my shoulder she whispered in my ear, “Please take me home with you.”
      “What?” I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard.
      The music had changed to a ballad and sliding her arms down around my waist, Jenna started rocking back and forth in time with the slow beat. My hands were on her arms and I tried not to think of how soft and smooth she was.
      “You heard me.” She began speaking softly, “I know why you’re here Kim.”
      “We…this is our first time here Jenna, we’re…”
      “Looking to pick someone up.” She finished. “I want to be that someone.”

Word Count: 17,780

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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