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The MILF's Lucky Intern


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[MILF, cougar, boss, older woman younger man, friend’s mother, MILF seduction, oral sex, redhead]

Austin is obsessed with his boss Selena; a red headed, blue eyed bombshell, she has been the object of his lust for years. The problem is not only is she his boss, but Selena is also his best friend Steven's mother. Austin knows he doesn't have a shot with her for a variety of reasons, but that hasn't stopped her from being the focal point of year’s worth of fantasies.

On a business trip to Chicago, Selena needs someone to stay late and help her with a large project. Knowing the other interns were planning on going out to a club, Austin volunteers to stay and is about to be well rewarded. Not only does Selena tell him she is hiring him permanently, but is about to give him one hell of a bonus.


      I gasped when she narrowly missed my cock, and then stared at her feet in my lap. The tips of her toes were the same deep red as her fingers and my eyes worked down her foot then up her now bare leg. The skirt was up well past her mid thigh and she was looking at me with a smile on her face, “They’re feet, Austin, I’m sure you’ve seen them before.”
      “Right, I just think that…”
      “You think too much. I told you that already.” I started to speak, but she raised her finger, “Bottom line when a pretty woman asks you to rub her feet you do it.” She shrugged, “If you’re smart anyway.”
      Cupping the heel of her foot in my hand, I lifted it and began rubbing her foot, working my fingers into the soft sole while my thumb pushed down on the top of it.
      “Oh, that feels so fucking good.”
      My eyes widened at the word fuck and my cock was now aching inches beneath her foot. I focused on her foot, watching my fingers massage it. I began rubbing the bottom of each of her toes with my thumb and she released another of those long moans.
      “Honey, that is so sweet! Hmm,” she slid further down the couch.
      Honey? I jumped when her other foot pushed against my cock. Putting her foot down, I quickly grabbed the other, lifting it from my obvious bulge and hoping she didn’t feel it. Selena was making those little noises again as I rubbed the bottom of her other foot and risking a glance her way saw that she had her head back against the couch with her eyes closed.
      Her lips were parted slightly and her long hair was across her shoulders and chest. I was struck with how beautiful she was. My eyes found the swelling of her breasts in the tight top and I added the word sexy to beautiful. Damn she was a gorgeous woman! My cock was telling me it agreed as it began to throb while I looked her up and down. Her foot pushed against my cock and this time began moving back and forth.
      I repressed a moan and looked down to see the sole of her foot against the length of my cock which was obvious even in my pants. My heart began to pound as she began moving her foot side by side, sliding against my bulge. I started to shift in my seat, but she removed her foot from my hand and to my dismay placed it directly on top of my cock.
      “That’s interesting.” She said softly.
      She emphasized her words by pushing her foot against my cock hard enough to let me know she was aware of it. Swinging her feet from my lap she said, “Well I guess it’s time to get to work.”
      She stood up quickly and I noticed pushed her skirt down as soon as she had stood.
      “I…I’m sorry,” I began knowing I was beet red, “I um…”
      “Sorry about what?” she asked. “You gave me a very nice foot rub, but now it’s time to do what I brought you here for.”
      “Oh.” I said still feeling like a jerk.
      There was no way she could have not felt my cock. As it was I had my hand in my lap to cover the bulge where despite my embarrassment it was still at full attention. I figured she was just trying to let me off the hook and with a sigh, played along.
      “Okay let me get the lap top…”
      “Not just yet. I need to take a quick shower then we’ll get to work.”
      “I’ll still set it up.”
      “No, there’s something we need to talk about when I come out.”
      “There is?”
      “Yes.” She nodded, “I wasn’t sure about something, but now I am and when I come out of the shower we’ll do something about it.”
      She turned and walked across the room where she entered the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I heard the water come on and slumped back in the couch. That last remark was a little confusing, but I didn’t have a good feeling about it. She knew I was hard. Had she been wondering if I had a thing for her?
      If she had, tonight was indeed a test, and I’d failed it, getting a boner just from rubbing her feet. Now she knew and at the least I was going to get an embarrassing lecture, at worst she might say I couldn’t work for her.
      I closed my eyes and tried to calm down and tell myself to just relax and see what happened. I forced myself to take slow deep breaths and decided to concentrate on the numbers we would be discussing. My mind welcomed a chance to stop thinking about red hair and hard nipples and I relaxed further into the soft couch as I tried to make sense of the figures.
      My eye jerked open and the first thing I noticed was that the lamps were off and the only light in the room was coming from two candles on the coffee table in front of me. I must have been really out of it not to hear…
      My thoughts stopped cold when sitting up, I looked to see Selena standing in front of me wrapped in just a towel. Her red hair was wet and hanging past her shoulders and onto her chest. The towel barely covered her to her upper thigh and there wasn’t a doubt in my mind she was naked beneath it.
      “You’re a sound sleeper.” She said, “But then again you’re probably exhausted. You’ve been working your ass off.”
      “Um, yeah.”
      “I have too. Working hard and not having any fun.” She sighed, “None at all.”
      “That’s t…too bad.” I stuttered as she stepped directly in front of me.
      She pushed my leg with her foot until I moved it. She stepped between them and I could smell her strawberry scented body wash. My cock was once again making its presence known and I wondered if I were still sleeping.
      “It is. After all I always say work hard play hard. Neither of us have played much the last few months so I figured we should start together.”
      “What do you mean?”
      “I told you that you would be getting something you wanted tonight.”
      “I did, I got the job.” I said trying in vain not to stare at her amazing thighs that were less than a foot away from me.
      “You did, but that came from hard work and you should have expected it. But now I am going to give you what you’ve wanted for years.”
      “What…Oh goddamn!”
      Without another word, Selena opened the towel, and spreading her arms wide exposed her naked body to me.

Word Count: 16,530