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A Mother's Sacrifice


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[incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, mother son romance, mother son sex, taboo erotica, incest romance]

Joanne is frustrated; her husband Bill passed away over a year and a half ago, yet she still can't get comfortable with another man. But that problem is going to take a backseat to a much bigger one.

While snooping in her son Tommy's journal she discovers to her dismay, that not only does he know she needs a man to be good to her, but he wants to be that man!

After reading several explicit entries in which Tommy describes how he wants her, Joanne puts him in counseling. But weeks later, nothing is working and things between her and her beloved son are awkward.

One night Tommy is so distraught Joanne decides the only way to cure him is to give him what he wants; to sacrifice her body to cure him of his obsession. As she begins to do the unthinkable and seduce her son, Joanne realizes she is not afraid at all and her sacrifice is going to cure her as well, because her son really does have what she needs.


            The next entry I spotted caused a sharp twist in my already turning stomach.
      I reached a new low tonight. I dropped my wallet while mowing the lawn and was underneath Mom’s window looking for it. I heard a noise and when I peeked in her window I saw her playing with herself. She was on top of the covers, and her robe was open and damn did she look good! She was playing with her nipples and her hand was between her legs.
      She moved it and I could see her pussy. I told myself to walk away, but I couldn’t stop watching. The look on her face when she came made me want to cum. I want to make her make that face! She’s too sweet and hot to be alone! She shouldn’t be doing that herself. God how I want to touch her and taste her! We’d fuck fast and hard the first time, then I would go slow and sweet like Lisa liked it, show her how much I love her how much I…

      Unable to take anymore I slammed the book shut. Sitting back in the chair I rubbed at my now throbbing temples. My son wanted to have sex with me! Not just sex, but he was thinking along the lines of those movies. We’d fuck fast and hard the first time...
      Now that I knew what the hell was I supposed to do? If I told him, he would know I was snooping, but there was no way I could ignore this. I closed my eyes, trying to focus and come up with how the hell I could even start this conversation.
      So Tommy, what’s this I hear about you wanting me to blow you? Tommy was going to need help, there was no doubt about that. Maybe I could make an appointment with someone and talk to him there. No, I should bring it up to him first.
      My eyes filled with tears, where had I gone wrong? This at least explained everything. Why he always looked away when I looked at him, how nervous he had been and why he kept playing twenty questions with my sex life.
      With a sinking feeling I realized it meant I had been right, he had been staring at my legs. I was pulled from my thoughts by the sound of the front door. I felt my heart start to pound in my chest as I heard Tommy walking down the hallway.
      Staying in his chair I looked to see that the journal was close to where it was when I entered. Moving quickly, I opened the lap top and clicked Explorer. I made a show of staring at the computer as I heard him getting closer. I blinked rapidly, trying to clear my teary eyes.
      “Mom?” Tommy asked, entering the room. “What are you doing?”
      I paused, taking a couple of seconds to make sure I could keep my voice steady. Then, spinning the office chair around faced him.
      “Oh, I had to put my sales in and you have my cord.”
      To my credit, I sounded a little tense, but for the most part not too bad.
      “Oh.” Tommy’s eyes narrowed and he started to say something, but I cut him off.
      “What are you doing home? It’s only a little after ten?”
      Tommy shrugged and his eyes began darting around. “We grabbed some food, but when we got to the club it was full and I didn’t feel like going to another one so they dropped me off.”
      His eyes made their way back to me, then jerked away.
      “Is something wrong Tommy?” I asked, thinking he was wondering if I looked through the journal.
      “Well I…” pointing at me he said softly. “Your robe.”
      I was wearing the short red robe, the one he had commented on and that showed way more than it should. Looking down, my eyes widened. When I had reached in to play with myself, it had opened and my tits were partially exposed. My nipples weren’t showing, but it was damn close.
      Blushing I started to close the robe, and then stopped as an idea struck me. There was still a chance this was not as bad as it seemed. There was no doubt there was a problem, but maybe it was just a fantasy. What if he was confronted with a chance to make it real? Would he take me up on it, or realize it was wrong and back off.
      You’re sick Joanne, I thought, but this would be the only way to know for sure. Giving him what I hoped to be an inviting smile, I whispered, “Tommy, come here.”
      He walked over until he was standing directly in front of me. I saw his eyes lock onto my chest, then drop down where he was confronted with the sight of my legs. I noticed he was rocking nervously back and forth and looked like a deer in headlights.
      “What is it honey?”
      “Your robe Mom.” He repeated. “You um….might want to fix that.”
      “Do you want me too?” Oh Joanne, this is so wrong!
      “I…” he looked confused.
      “Tommy, honey do you think I’m beautiful?”
      “How about sexy?” I ran my hands along my sides, causing the robe to open just a little more. “Do you think I’m sexy?”
      “You….you’re my Mother.” He said quietly, giving me a ray of hope.
      “So you don’t think your Mom’s sexy?” I pushed my lips into a pout.
      Tommy stared; his eyes locked onto my partially visible tits. He licked his lips nervously and I could feel my heart pounding.
      “Do…do you want me to?” he asked.
      His eyes had widened and that ray of hope appeared to be fading. He was now staring down at my legs and his hand came forward as if he were going to touch my thigh, but stopped. Okay it was time to get this over with.
      Grabbing the sides of my robe, I made as if I were going to open it and pausing, forced the words from my mouth.
      “Tommy would you like to see my tits?”
      “What?” He exclaimed.
      Keeping my voice low, more to cover up my nerves than to sound sexy, I pressed on.
      “I asked you if you’d like to see my tits?” I pushed myself to wink “All you have to do is ask.” I shrugged, “Unless of course, you don’t want to, it’s up to you.”
      Tommy was rocking back and forth feet faster and starting to breathe hard. His eyes were glued to my chest and he seemed to be struggling to speak. “Mom.” He began softly.
      Please say no! I thought desperately, Please, please, please!
      Tommy gave me that shy smile I so loved, “Mom, may I please see your tits?"

Word Count: 23,970

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft