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Maid For Three


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[Group sex, Threesome, Menage a trois, older couple, younger woman, lesbian, two women one man, FFM threesome]

Jack and Jen were pretty wild back in the day and loved bringing women into their bed to enjoy. But years later they both have prominent careers and are all work and no play.

That is until Jen walks in on their young maid Katie undressing. The sight of her beautiful young body sends Jen's mind racing back to those hot times.

Tomorrow is a special occasion and Jen plans on giving Jack a sexy home maid gift!


      The next time his cock slid between my tits, I took the head into my mouth and sucked hard. Jack moaned and I joined him. The taste and sensation of his sticky fluid in my mouth sent a wave of heat through my pussy and letting my tits fall away from his cock, I started bobbing my head slowly. I took him a little deeper each time my mouth descended on him and slipping my hand between his legs started massaging his balls.
      Jacks fingers were busy on my nipples, but as good as it all felt I started wondering about Katie. Had she not heard me, had she gotten cold feet? If that were the case it was a good thing I hadn’t mentioned anything to Jack.
      I opened wide and took Jack’s entire length into my mouth. He groaned in pleasure as I pushed my tongue out and licked his balls, while shaking my head back and forth. Jack’s hand left my tit and moved to the back of my head. He ran it through my hair and as I started moving again, gently pushed and pulled, guiding my mouth up and down his cock.
      “Oh, damn Jen,” he whispered, “That feels so fucking good, I…”
      He paused, and then pulling hard enough on my hair to make me yelp, gasped, “Holy shit!”
      He had forced his cock out of my mouth and still on my knees, I turned to look over my shoulder and felt a surge of wetness flow through my pussy. Katie was standing there no more than five feet away, watching us. In the brief awkward silence that followed, I took in every bit of her.
      Katie was barefoot wearing just the short black robe she had on last night. Her long blonde hair was down and best of all her blue eyes were wide as she stared at us naked before her. Another thrill went through me as I realized she had been watching me blow Jack.
      Katie looked nervous, but at the same time I saw her eyes lock onto my tits and there was no doubt in my mind she liked what she saw.
      “Katie!” Jack exclaimed, comically grabbing the newspaper off the end table and shoving it over his cock. “What the hell are you doing here?”
      I had to force myself not to laugh at Jack’s reaction and making no effort to cover myself stood, and with my back to Jack, smiled at her before saying, “Katie, what did I tell you about today?”
      “I….” she looked confused, “Umm, I know I’m not supposed to be here but…”
      “Katie would you give us a minute?” Jack asked, and then added to me, “Jen cover up.”
      “Why?” I asked. “Katie doesn’t mind what she sees, do you honey?”
      Katie blushed and with that same shy sexy smile she displayed last night said, “Not at all,” she shook her head, “Damn Jen.”
      I slowly walked over to her and putting my hand on her shoulder, repeated my question, “You didn’t answer me Katie. I told you there was a rule about today, now what was it?”
      “What the hell is…?” Jack started, but stopped when Katie exclaimed, “Oh, that’s right! Its nude day, I’m not supposed to be dressed!” she put her head down and pushed her lips into an adorable pout. “Sorry Jen.”
      The pout became even more enticing when I saw her lower lip was trembling. Beneath my hand, I could feel how tense she was. The poor thing was so nervous! Odds are she was more worried about Jack than me. Well I would get her good and warmed up and just let Jack watch for a couple of minutes.
      “It’s okay Katie,” I began, “But we are going to have to get that robe off you.”
      I turned to see Jack staring at the two of us and couldn’t help notice the newspaper in his lap had risen appreciably. I think it was beginning to dawn on him exactly what was going on, but still wanted to say it.
      “I told you I had a surprise for you, baby.” I said as I slid my hand up through Katie’s hair and felt a shiver go through her. “Katie is going to help us celebrate our special day.”

Word Count: 16,730

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft