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Missy Pays The Rent


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[Group sex, threesome, ménage a trois, older couple younger woman, lesbian sex, double blow job, two women one man]

Lisa loves the beginning of the month. It starts with her and her husband Keith collecting the rent from the tenants of the apartment building they risked everything they had to buy, and is now making them quite a bit of money.

This month, however, Lisa is not completely happy. The Wilsons are down on their luck, and months behind on their rent. Lisa hates to have to ask them to leave, but business is business, and they have to talk to them.

Once there, Lisa feels worse when she has to look at their 19-year-old niece, Missy, whom the Wilsons are putting through college. Normally Lisa doesn't mind looking at Missy; she's an adorable doe-eyed brunette whose sweet innocence makes her fantasize about having her.

The next night Lisa's fantasies are about to become a hot reality when sweet little Missy shows up on their doorstep offering to do anything she can to help her aunt and uncle.



      Keith re-entered the room and behind him was Melissa. Or at least I was pretty sure it was, because she couldn’t have looked more different. She was wearing a black skirt so short she wouldn’t be able to bend over without flashing her ass.
      As my eyes wandered down her long legs they widened when I took in the black stiletto heels they ended in. Apparently she wasn’t used to wearing them as I noticed she was walking gingerly behind Keith.
      Forcing my gaze up, I found the top to be as intriguing as the bottom. Melissa’s was sporting a low cut and very tight red sleeveless shirt. The top was snug enough to prop up her small tits and give her a nice amount of cleavage.
      I could see just the top of a black lace bra peaking out. Melissa’s hair was no longer in a pony tail, but down and had been teased out. I saw she was wearing deep red lipstick along with some heavy black eye shadow.
      I looked over at Keith who was looking at me and keeping his hand in front of him, pointed back with his thumb, a questioning look on his face. I shrugged and tried to keep my eyes on her face as I now saw she was looking at me.
      “Have a seat Melissa.” Keith gestured towards the chair across from the couch.
      “Call me Missy.” She answered, looking over at the chair.
      Keith sat down next to me and we both stared when Melissa walked past the chair and sat on the coffee table directly in front of us. Keith started to speak, but stopped as she raised her right leg and made a show of crossing it over her left. When she did I caught a flash of black lace between her thighs. I lifted my eyes and found her big brown eyes focused on me. She gave me a nervous smile and when it was obvious she wasn’t going to speak, Keith asked, “So, uh what can we do for you, Melissa.”
      “Missy.” She said again. “I want you to call me Missy tonight.”
      “Okay Missy.” I said, “How can we help you?”
      “Well,” She looked down to her lap and I saw her hands were clasped together, her fingers appeared to be trembling, “I…I kind of think we can help each other.”
      “How’s that?” Keith asked.
      “I want to help my aunt and uncle stay where they are, and figure maybe if I help you guys, you’ll help them.”
      “What do you mean help us?” I asked, confused.
      Missy looked at me, then Keith. She swallowed nervously and there was a quiver in her voice.
      “Like I told you when you left, I’ll do anything to help Uncle John.”
      “Right.” Keith agreed, “But I don’t see what you can do for them.”
      “It’s what I can do for you.” Missy answered and leaning forward placed a hand on each of our knees. “Like I said, I’ll do anything.”
      My heart started to beat faster and I felt a warm flush come over me. She was leaning over far enough that I caught a glimpse down her shirt and could see where her tan lines started just inside the black lace. I could also feel her hand shaking on my thigh and knew she was either excited or nervous. One look in her eyes told me she was nervous.
      “I…don’t know what you mean, Missy.” Keith said as he gently took her wrist and removed her hand from his leg.
      He shot me a look and I reluctantly did the same. I wasn’t sure if she were serious or not, but we couldn’t play this game this close to home.
      “Yes you do,” she nodded. “You know exactly what I mean and I’ll,” she took a deep breath and whispered, “I’ll give you exactly what you want.”
      Turning to me, she again smiled nervously and added, “Both of you.”
      I jumped at the sensation of something touching my calf. I looked down to see Missy had slipped her heel off and was rubbing her foot along my leg. I stared, mesmerized by the sight of her tanned foot against my fair skin. Her toenails were the same deep red as her lips and I felt a shudder go through me as she gently slid her soft foot back down my leg to rest on my own bare foot.
      I swallowed hard and tried to tell myself to play this off. Keith was right, she was not our type and she lived two floors above us. But even as I told myself that I could feel my pussy heating up.
      “Missy, are you propositioning us?” Keith asked.
      His courtroom skills were on full display as he managed to sound not only completely surprised, but even a little indignant.
      “Yes sir.” She said softly, her head down, “I’m willing to let you use me to pay the rent for my family.”

Word Count: 16,230