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A Woman's Touch


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[Lesbian, Lesbian first time, Lesbian seduction, Massage fantasy, Lesbian erotica, Lesbian fantasy]

Linda never had any interest in women until she walked in on two of them having sex in a bathroom. Now women are all she thinks about, but Linda is nervous and only fantasizes about it. Linda's favorite fantasy is of her sexy masseuse Paula. Her massages are the highlight of her week and this one is going to be even more special because Paula knows just what Linda needs; a woman's touch!


      “Your feet are so soft!” Paula said.
      “I had a pedicure Tuesday,” I replied, then bit back an obvious moan when she switched from pushing her thumbs into the ball of my foot to lightly caressing the sole.
      “Damn my feet are never this soft.” She told me as her fingers trailed lightly over the top of my foot and sighed, “And you don’t even have anyone to appreciate them right now.”
      “Well I don’t know how many guys appreciate feet.” I giggled as she ran her fingers across the bottom of my other foot. “Not what they usually appreciate.”
      “All parts of a woman’s body are beautiful.”
      Paula’s words caused my eyes to open. Was she...flirting? I’d been coming here for four months and she had never remarked on my feet being soft and that last comment? Paula resumed working her fingers into the base of my toes and I lay there telling myself to knock it off.
      “Men are hard and rough and never take care of their skin.” She continued and her strong fingers began to rub my lower calves, “But women, are soft and smooth and do everything they can to look and feel good.” She paused, “Do you feel good about yourself Linda? Do you feel sexy?”
      “Come on, don’t be modest.” Paula coaxed, “You’re a sexy woman, it’s okay to know that.”
      I swallowed and my heart began to pound. My already hard nipples ached as they pressed into the soft towel beneath me and I swore I could feel my pussy starting to drip. I forced myself to calm down and answered softly, “I feel sexy when I’m here.”
      “Good answer!” Paula’s was now rubbing the soft skin behind my knees, “I always tell women that a massage is part of being sexy. It’s woman taking care of her body, pampering herself.”
      “Do you treat yourself?” I asked, wondering if I was playing along with something real or this was just random conversation.
      “There is something I indulge myself in sometimes,” She said softly, “but nowhere near often enough.”
      “Oh, and what’s that?”
      “Hmmm we were talking about you.” Paula’s hands were moving up the backs of my legs and I parted my lips to breathe as my chest began to heave against the table.
      “What about me?” I heard a tremble in my voice and wondered if she noticed.
      “Well...” she paused and her hands were now on the backs of my upper thighs. “Linda could I ask you a personal question?”
      “S...sure.” I barely choked out the word.
      “I know it’s kind of forward,” he began, “But...” her hand stopped on my thighs just below the towel. “Can you open your legs a little?”
      “Is that the question?” I laughed nervously, “That is forward.”
      “Oh my God!” Paula laughed, “Jeez that did sound bad! That wasn’t my real question, but can you spread your legs a little so I can reach the inside?”
      I spread my legs open several inches and felt how wet I was. Paula’s hands slipped to the inside of my upper thighs and my fingers clenched the towel in an effort to stay still.
      “What I was wondering,” Paula was leaning over me as she spoke and her fingers felt as if they were moving up underneath the towel. “How is it a sweet, sexy woman like you, has no boyfriend?”
      “Oh, I...” Paula’s hands were definitely higher up my thigh than they ever had been before.
      The towel pushed up further towards my ass and I was acutely aware that with no panties, if Paula looked where her hands were she would notice as well.
      “You don’t have to answer.” She said at my hesitation. “Just seems odd, in all the time you’ve come here, there’s been no one.”
      “I...well I guess I’m not really looking.” I said feeling like an idiot. What the hell did I think she was going to ask? Paula was married for Christ’s sake.
      “Oh,” Paula’s hand strayed even further and even though I’d had my bizarre fantasy shattered, I had to hold back a moan at how good her hands felt on my inner thighs. “So not looking or not looking for a... Oh!”
      A loud unmistakably sexual moan escaped me and Paula gasped when her hand moved further and came into contact with my pussy; my sopping wet pussy. Paula’s hand remained there for a moment that seemed frozen in time and although the feeling of her hand sent a surge of excitement through my body, my first reaction was embarrassment and I could feel my face flushing.

Word Count: 17,360

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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