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Just Once For Mom


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[incest, mom son incest, mom son sex, blow job, hand job, milf, taboo erotica, incest fantasy]

Sarah is frustrated. Her husband travels frequently and when he is home, sex is not a priority, leaving Sarah to settle for toys and self-satisfaction. But when she catches her son, Tim, watching porn and taking care of himself, Sarah refuses to let him go without sex the way she does, and helps him out. Tim is surprised, but Sarah tells him it would just this one time, just once for Mom. Or...maybe not.


      She leaned too far and the door swung open, banging into the bureau behind it. Tim jerked his head around and exclaimed, “Holy shit!”
      If the situation wasn’t so awkward, his reaction would have been funny. Simultaneously trying to yank his shorts up with one hand, he fumbled with the mouse, trying to shut the movie off. Tim dropped the mouse and settled for slamming the lap top shut while trying to stand and turn away from her to get his shorts up.
      “Damn, Mom!” he said over his shoulder. “Ever hear of knocking?”
      “Ever hear of closing your door?” Sarah replied while walking into his room and over to his desk.
      Tim turned and, seeing her standing right in front of him, fumbled with his zipper.
      “Easy, honey,” she grinned. “You don’t want to do that too fast and hurt yourself.”
      “Why are you in here?” he asked, his face flushed from embarrassment.
      Sarah knew her face was red, as well, but it was for a totally different reason.
      “Seeing the door was open, I was just going to pop my head in and say hello,” she smirked. “Figured I’d see what you were up to, and I did.”
      “Thanks,” he muttered. “Sorry about that, Mom. I should have made sure the door was closed. But this is a little humiliating so, you know, if you don’t mind.” He gestured at the door.
      Sarah remained where she was, her eyes on the impressive bulge in her son’s still-unsnapped shorts.
      “I’m sorry, too, honey,” she told him. “Sorry you have to do that.”
      “Do…that?” Tim’s blue eyes narrowed, then he turned even redder. “Right.”
      “Really, Tim. “She put her hand on his arm. “A good-looking boy like you shouldn’t be jerking himself off.”
      “Mom!” He looked more closely at her. “You been drinking?”
      “Day that ends in Y, right?” She laughed, then indicated his chair. “Why don’t you sit back down and relax, honey?”
      Tim gave her an odd look, but sat down and began to fumble with his shorts, trying to snap them. Again, moving seemingly of their own volition, her hands reached out and grabbed his, moving them away from his crotch.

Word Count: 10,760

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft