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Mom Has Fantasies, Too!


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[incest, mother-son incest, mother-son sex, taboo erotica, incest fantasy, milf, milf erotica]

Zack has fantasies about his mom. He watches mother-son porn all the time, and envisions his mother and him acting them out. One afternoon, his father tells him he found a mother-son video in the DVD player in his den. The thing is, it wasn't his! It wasn't Dad's movie, which left one person, Mom! Zack barely listens to his dad lecture him. All he's thinking about is...Mom has fantasies, too!


      “You have fantasies?” He blurted out, “About me or sons in general, you know, like dad asked me?”
      Mom’s eyes met his and he forced himself not to look away from her. He’d been able to get the ball in her court, make her decide what all this meant, if it meant anything other than shared taste in porn.
      “The movies turn me on or I wouldn’t watch them.” She spoke slowly, measuring her words which was a good sign for him, if she had no interest she’d be speaking more decisively. “I watched one by accident once, thought it was just an age gap thing.”
      Mom shifted on the bed, sliding her knee to the left until it was against his through the sheet. It opened her legs more and Zack’s eyes were treated with a glimpse all the way up the short skirt to the black material between her thighs.
      That black lace, the only thing covering her pussy was surrounded by the soft lush skin of her thighs and his cock was now throbbing. He shifted his eyes to his lap and to his dismay, noticed the sheet was rising enough to be noticeable if she looked there.
      “When the actress said something about ‘I’m your mother’ it startled me” Mom went on seemingly oblivious to the fact her son was not only hard, but his eyes were roaming from her cleavage to that damned up skirt view she was giving him. Did she know it?
      “I was going to click off it, but she kept talking and asking the son if he thought of her s…” She caught herself, “Doing things to him and he said yes.”
      Mom paused and ran her fingers through her hair, proving she was flustered and getting her son even more excited. He wasn’t alone. Mom’s breathing was noticeably heavier and she was becoming flushed.
      “She asked him if he wanted to kiss her and he did and it sounds stupid seeing I was watching a porn site, but that kiss!” she sighed, “The idea of a son kissing his mom like that, like the way an infatuated young man would kiss a woman. The actors were good, it looked so passionate, so loving I…” She stopped and released a long breath that made his cock twitch.
      “Sorry, getting carried away, but those videos excite me. Especially the Molly Minx vids from Loving Mothers, that’s why I bought the movie. Hers always has emotion and affection in them, not just fucking.” She gave him another wink, “But the fucking is hot too.”
      “You didn’t answer my question.” He kept her on the spot, before she turned it around on him.
      “And I won’t.” She moved further up the bed, her bent leg sliding along his until her knee was at his hip, “Until you answer one for me.”
      “W…what’s that?” He stammered as she leaned in so close her breasts were pushing into his chest and her face was inches from his.
      “Zack, would you like to kiss you mother?”

Word Count: 20,260

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft