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If Dad Only Knew 2


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[incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, taboo erotica, incest fantasy, milf erotica, milf]

This anthology features three hot stories of mothers and sons who won't let a little thing like Dad being around stop them from getting what they want; each other! Stories include:

Box Lunch - Emily brings her son something sweet to eat.

Mom Phones It In - Dad's call interrupts Austin and his mom having sex. Or does it?

This Could Have Been You - Keith takes advantage of his dad's bad behavior.


      Austin stared down at his phone, and smiled at the text he’d just received.
      “Where are you baby, it’s after seven?”
      “Had class, then work, remember?” He shot back, then went back to counting his register drawer to turn in so he could get home.
      “Well hurry home. It’s Friday, and he left for his trip this morning. Only work you’ll be doing this weekend is taking care of me.”
      Right there at the counter, his cock jumped in his pants. An entire weekend of nothing but hot sex! He hurriedly put the money into a pouch and signed the tag on it. Walking into the small back office he dropped the pouch on Joe’s desk.
      “I’m out of here, see you Monday.”
      “Hey, Austin,” Joe looked up. “Roger’s sick and I’m looking for coverage. Want to work a few hours tomorrow or Sunday?”
      “No way.” He shook his head.
      “But you’re always after more hours.” Joe looked puzzled.
      “I got big plans this weekend.”
      He must have been grinning like the cat that ate the canary because Joe smirked, “That fun involve a female, I take it?”
      “Oh, yeah.” He nodded.
      “Do tell.”
      “She’s hot and a lot older than me, and she’s got the whole weekend off.”
      “Older? You dog!” Joe whistled. “Good for you kid. Just watch out for those older women, they’ll fuck you to death.”
      “I hope so.” He waved. “If you don’t see me Monday, know I died smiling!”
      “I’m jealous man, do her once for me.” He leered.
      Austin laughed, and as he hurried out of Starbucks, he wondered what Joe would think if he knew the older women he was about to fuck all weekend was his mother?

Word Count: 20,030

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft