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Mom's Got Me Hard At Work


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[incest. taboo, mother son incest, mommy, mother son sex, mil, cougar, taboo erotica, incest erotica]

Adam has two dreams. The first is to work at his parents' company, a dream that could come true. The second, however, never will. After all, having sex with his mother is never going to happen. When his parents surprise him with a job at the company, Adam thinks the day can't get any better, but he's wrong. Adam's sexy mother is going to teach him a new meaning to the expression “hard at work!”


      Adam gingerly peeled the dripping panties from around him, and put them on the nightstand next to his bed. He wouldn’t try to sneak them back into his mother’s hamper because she or even worse, dad, might touch them while throwing clothes into the laundry basket.
      Instead, he’d wash them with his laundry and toss them back in her hamper when she wasn’t home. Adam smiled at the comment mom had made last week that he seemed to be doing his laundry on his own as opposed to her having to yell at him to do it.
      Adam closed his eyes and was just slipping into a satisfied doze when he heard the door rattle. His eyes flew open at the sound of a loud knock.
      “Hold on, mom!” Adam hurriedly tucked himself back into his jeans and hopping off the bed, zipped up. He stared down at the soiled panties and after a few seconds of panic, shoved them under his pillow.
      He opened the door to his mother standing there in the purple robe, her long blonde hair still damp from the shower. He was assailed by the pleasant scent of her strawberry body wash and realized that was another innocent scent now tainted with his misplaced lust.
      “Why was your door locked?” As she spoke, Adam couldn’t help but notice the robe wasn’t tied that tightly and he could see the inner half of the tops of her breasts
      “Sorry.” He needed to be more careful with his little waking fantasies. Not that mom would ever think he was looking at her in that way, but she also wasn’t stupid and if he got caught staring enough she might wonder what the hell he was doing.
      “I was just taking a nap.”
      “And needed to lock your door?” Her hands were on her hips and she looked annoyed causing the first fluttering of nerves to touch his stomach.
      “I just thought, uh…”
      “Okay, let’s cut the crap.” Mom pointed past him into his room. “Where are they?”
      “They?” The fluttering turned into the sensation of a full blown kick. “Um, who are you talking about?”
      “Don’t play coy, Adam.” Mom pushed past him and looked at his desk, then to his dismay walked over to his bed. “My panties, where are they?”
      “Your…” He swallowed nervously as he followed her to the bed. “Why the hell would I have your underwear?”
      Mom turned to face him, her hands back on her hips and her barefoot tapping.
      “Adam, either you can give them to me or you can sit there while I tear your room apart to find them.”
      “Mom, I…”
      “Before you decide, keep in mind your father will be home soon. So ask yourself if you want him to come up here and ask me what I’m looking for.”
      Their eyes met and feeling his face flush with shame, he averted his gaze and whispered, “Under the pillow.”
      Mom flipped his pillow over and picked up the balled up panties. She frowned when she grabbed them then as he stood there feeling like a little kid about to be in the worst trouble of his life. She pulled them apart and Adam winced at the white sticky mess exposed as she opened them. Mom grimaced in disgust and shaking her head, she turned to him.
      “Adam, this is disgusting! What the hell is wrong with you?”

Word Count: 27,490

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft