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Mama's Boy


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[incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, taboo erotica, incest romance, mother son erotica, taboo fantasy]

Mama's boy; that’s what Paul’s girlfriend calls him every time he runs when his mother calls. His alcoholic father calls him that too, every time Paul takes his mother's side and tries to protect her from his abuse.

They act like Paul being close to his mother is a bad thing. That it makes him look less of a man. Imagine if anyone, especially his father knew exactly how much of a mama's boy Paul really was?

For the past three years Paul's father has insisted his wife is cheating on him, but can't prove it. Fact is he’s right; his wife is cheating on him, with his son.

Paul's father has been mean to his mother for years so whenever he's on the road, Paul treats her the way she deserves and loves her in every way. Paul truly is Mama's boy.


      I jumped at the sound of Mom’s voice.
      “Hey, honey, you looking for someone?”
      I turned to see her leaning against the wall next to the closet. She was still wearing the short robe, but it was closed tightly. Good thing Dad hadn’t decided to come up to see if she changed. Mom had also taken a chance with the candles. She was awfully bold tonight.
      “Mom, are you okay?” I started towards her.
      I immediately froze where I was and she smiled.
      “You always did listen so well.”
      “Mom, I’m sorry about Dad. I…”
      “What is it, Mom?”
      “Your father is gone. I’m fine and I don’t want to talk about him, okay?”
      “What I want is to enjoy the company of my very handsome son.”
      I smiled and started for her again, when she put her finger up.
      “I said stay there.” She said firmly. “Stay right in front of that bed.”
      I took a step back and could feel my heart beginning to beat faster. Mom was always meek around dad, but took charge when we were together and I loved it. She stayed where she was, leaning against the wall, a slight smile on her face.
      “Take your clothes off.” She said softly.
      “You sure you don’t want to talk….” I began, still concerned about her, after all we had all weekend to play.
      “I said I’m fine.” She said, “Now listen to your mother and take your damn clothes off!”
      That tone sent a quiver through my now hard cock and putting my head down, I whispered, “Yes ma’am.”
      I quickly stripped my t-shirt off and after removing my shoes and socks, unzipped my jeans. I started to pull them down, then stopped and smiled at her.
      “Do you want to?”
      “I want you naked Paul. I’m not Julie, you don’t have to guess, I’ll tell you exactly what I want.”
      I shoved my jeans down and stepped out of them.
      “Oh, honey.” Mom whispered, “Look at that.”
      I looked down to see that in addition to the huge bulge my throbbing cock had made in my underwear, there was a large wet stain where the tip of my cock was dripping. I looked back up and felt my cock twitch at the look of pure lust on her face. Mom’s big blue eyes were wide and she made a show of slowly licking her lips.
      “Go ahead, baby, show your mother how hard you are for her.”
      I pulled my underwear down allowing my hard cock to spring free and kicked them to the side. Mom let out a breath, her eyes locked onto my cock. I smiled at the fact I was naked and hard in front of my mother, and she was looking at me with naked desire on her face.
      “That’s all for me?” Mom asked walking slowly towards me.
      “All of it,” I told her, “And all of me.”

Word Count: 16,450