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My Mother's A Horny Drunk


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[Mother son incest, mother son sex, taboo erotica, mother son fantasy, incest erotica, incest romance]

Since the death of his father, Russ has been worried about his mother's drinking. At first it was the normal concern of a caring son, but lately a problem has arisen.

Russ has discovered his attractive mother is a horny drunk. The more she drinks, the less she wears, and as Russ tries desperately not to look at her, she makes it worse by talking about how badly she needs sex.

One night when seeing his mother passed out in her bed, Russ stands over her and masturbates while she sleeps. Disgusted with himself, he swears it will never happen again, but it appears he isn't going to get that choice.

The next night his mother goes out with her friend to a club and comes back drunker and hornier than ever. Russ again sneaks into her room only to find that she's ready and waiting for him.

Tonight Russ's mother is going to teach him a whole new meaning to the term "Bottom's up!"


      What the hell was wrong with me? This was my mother! But still, my eyes continue to devour her fine ass. Her breathing was loud and steady and I was beginning to breathe harder as well. Speaking of harder my cock was pitching a tent in my shorts and looking up at the back of her head, I said softly “Mom?”
      There was no answer and after a moment I repeated it louder. When there was still no reaction I reached out and gently placed my hand on her back. She didn’t move and slowly, a little at a time, I slid my hand down her back towards her ass. You’re a sick bastard Russ, I told myself, but still continued to work my way down her back. When my hand was resting just over her ass, I took a deep breath and lifting it placed it on her bare ass cheek.
      There was no response from her, but my cock jumped in my pants at the feeling of her firm round ass beneath my hand. I began to lightly rub my hand along her warm skin, tracing the curve of her ass and my heart began beating rapidly as I drifted toward her inner thigh. I paused and after another glance at her head, slid my hand down between her legs. Her thigh was warmer than her ass and the skin even softer. I moved my hand up higher and stopped when I felt the material of her shorts against the edge of my hand.
      I swallowed nervously and pushed my hand harder against her crotch. I bit back a moan when I felt the heat of her pussy through the thin black fabric. Oh, you sick puppy, you’re groping your mother! Breathing hard I bent over and still watching her head for movement, placed my lips against her ass. I paused and parting my lips, flicked my tongue across her ass. Mom moved her leg and I quickly jerked my hand away and backed up towards the foot of the bed. Mom groaned and pulled the pillow over her head.
      Okay, that was my signal to get the hell out of there, I thought, but couldn’t pull myself away. Mom had drawn one leg up, changing the angle of her ass and making it look even better. I was now at the foot of the bed and reaching down began to play with my cock through my shorts as I looked longingly at that ass. I could just imagine what it would look like naked and in the air, her pussy peeking out from behind. I was starting to breathe through my mouth and again without thinking about it, I pulled my shorts down letting my raging hard on spring free.
      I grabbed my cock and started stroking it, my eyes fixed on my mother’s crotch. I remembered how hot her skin was there and began to pump my cock faster. I looked down and froze. I was standing at the edge of the bed and my cock was over it. About a foot beneath my cock was mom’s bare foot. Her foot was stretched out leaving me staring at the smooth sole and the bottom of her toes. As I slowly pumped my cock I recalled how soft her feet were and then started thinking about her describing giving a foot job.
      After a quick glance to make sure her head was still under the pillow I lowered the head of my cock until it touched her foot. Oh, this was beyond sick, but nonetheless I pushed my cock along the bottom of her foot. I had to hold back a moan as my aching dick slid along her soft skin. I started down and licked my lips at the sight of my hard cock lying along the length of her perfect foot. I’d been told I was fairly well hung and noticed my cock was pretty close to the length of her foot from the heel to the base of her toes.
      My cock was darker than the white skin of her feet and that made it look even sexier. I started rocking my hips, causing my cock to slide back and forth and I noticed that it was wet. Shit, I thought as I could see my sticky precum glistening along her foot. Even that didn’t stop me from moving my cock faster along her foot. My breathing was getting heavier and my cock was aching for release as I imagined mom’s breathy voice as she talked about how good her boyfriend’s hard cock felt between her feet.
      Holding my cock over her foot I started to stroke it and had to press my lips tightly together to avoid moaning. I took a step back so that my cock was no longer directly over her foot and emitted a loud gasp as I felt my cock jump in my hand. I’d let myself get to close and unable to hold myself back, pumped it several more times. I stifled a groan as my desperate cock erupted, then gasped again as cum rocketed from the tip and sprayed the bottom of mom’s foot. Even as I stepped back and continued stroking, I couldn’t believe how far that had squirted.
      I moaned softly as my cock continued to spurt, and watched half panicked, but also filled with a sick thrill as my cum splashed against the bed just under mom’s foot. My cock had nothing left to give and standing there panting, I tucked my still dripping dick into my shorts. I looked down and felt another sick thrill as I looked at my mother’s cum coated foot. I jumped back when her foot twitched and felt a wave of panic go through me, I quickly backed up to where her closet was and looking down into her laundry basket grabbed a towel.
      I carefully approached the bed and after wiping it off, began lightly dabbing at her foot. Mom moaned and to my horror began to roll over. In desperation, I wiped the towel hard across the bottom of her foot trying to get the last of my cum. Mom removed the pillow from her head and as I quickly dropped the towel at my feet she put looked at me through bleary eyes.
      “Russ,” she asked as she rolled over onto her back “Wh…what are you doing in here?”

Word Count: 16,420

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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