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My Mother's Revenge


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[Incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, taboo erotica, incest fantasy, incest revenge. Revenge sex]

      19 year old Nick has mixed feelings about his mother. On one hand, she's his mom, the woman who raised him, but she’s also the hottest woman he has ever seen, and Nick can't stop thinking of her in that way.

Those thoughts started several months ago when Nick discovered videos of his parents having sex, and has been masturbating to them ever since.

When Nick was snooping on his father's computer, looking for more videos, he finds one of him with another woman. Nick tells his mother and, enraged, she throws his father out and swears she'll get even.

The next night, Mom calls Nick into her bedroom and tells him she's found out he's been watching her videos. Nick's embarrassed and tries to apologize, but Mom tells him not to worry about it.

The way she sees it, she owes Nick's father some payback, and seeing as how Nick has been fantasizing about her, what better revenge to take than to have sex with his son?


      Mom patted the middle of the bed.
      “Just sit right here.”
      She had that tone she always used when she wanted me to listen to her and with a confused shrug, I climbed onto the bed and sat in the middle, facing her.
      “Take your shirt off Nick.”
      “I…take my shirt off?” I shook my head, “Mom, what the hell are you…”
      “First off, take your damn shirt off, second call me Kara.”
      “Why?” I asked nervously, something was wrong here.
      “Just take your damn shirt off,” she snapped, “Not like I haven’t seen you without one before.”
      I quickly obeyed, removing my shirt and tossing it onto the foot of the bed.
      Mom nodded and reaching out ran her long red nails across my shoulder and down my chest.
      “You are looking good, Nick. All that time at the gyms paying off for you.”
      “Uh, thanks Mom.”
      “Kara.” I repeated.
      She sighed and continued trailing her hand up and down my chest. It was no longer her nails, but her fingers. When she dropped down and caressed my stomach, I jerked away.
      “Shy, are we?” she asked. “You have nothing to be shy about honey; you’re a good looking young man.” She gave me a strange smile. “I’ve always thought that, but tonight you look better than ever.”
      “M…Kara, what’s wrong? You…drunk?”
      She laughed, “Yup, think so, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go through with this.”
      “With what?” I asked.
      I asked with my head down, as she’d slid closer to me and the robe had hiked up higher around her hips to the point that if she opened her legs I’d be able to see her…
      “Why aren’t you looking at me Nick?”
      “You…you need to fix your robe.” I told her.
      She definitely had to fix that robe, she’d stretched her leg out and before I forced my eyes in the other direction, they had traced her long leg from her toes to her thigh. With a feeling of alarm, I felt my cock stirring.
      “Because uh….”
      “Because my tits are hanging out?” she asked.
      “Mom, I think that…”
      “It’s Kara and look at me…now.”
      I lifted my head, forcing my eyes not to stray down to her barely concealed tits.
      “Why should it bother you Nick?” she asked, giving me a nasty smile, “It’s not like you haven’t seen them before.”
      “What…what are you….”
      “And you’ve seen more than my tits haven’t you?” she pointed between her legs, “You’ve seen my pussy, my ass, you’ve seen it all.”
      I felt my heart begin to pound and my stomach sink. Somehow she must have found out that I had seen the videos. My suspicions were confirmed when she continued, “See, I was going through your father’s e-mails and even though you delete a sent e-mail it stays in the trash for a few days. There’s also a search contact history.” She wagged her finger at me. “You’ve got quite the collection of videos don’t you Nick?”
      “I…Oh, God Mom, I’m sorry.” I told her, feeling even worse than I’d ever thought I would. This wasn’t just about me being humiliated, but like she needed this after what Dad did.
      “Are you?” she smirked, “Well sorry you got caught, but I doubt you’re sorry you looked.”
      “M….Kara, I’m…I don’t know what to say.”
      “You can start by answer my question. Are you sorry you watched me?”
      I looked away and shook my head. How the hell could I answer that? Obviously I’d wanted to look or I wouldn’t have kept looking for them, but to admit it?
      “You’re not are you?” Before I could answer she sighed, “No, you enjoyed them didn’t you Nick? You sat there and stroked your cock watching your mother fuck your father didn’t you?”
      My answer was to try to put my head down, but Mom caught my chin in my hand and lifted my face to hers.
      “That’s what you did isn’t it? Jerk off to me? Jerk off to your mother sucking cock and being a nasty slut.”
      Looking into her glassy eyes, I whispered, “Yes.”

Word Count: 14,540

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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