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Punishing My Slutty Stepmother


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[pseudo incest, step mother sex, step mother, step son, rough sex, bondage, humiliation, oral sex, anal sex, taboo erotica]

A hardcore sex fantasy for those who like their action on the rough side!

20 year old John has two fantasies. The first is bondage and rough sex. John loves to read about women being bound, degraded and used like the sluts they are.

His second fantasy is to be rid of his domineering step mother, Beth. All they do is argue and his father always takes her side. Then again, in a way, John can't blame him. After all, Beth is younger than his father and truth be told, pretty damn hot.

So hot that she has been the subject of many of John's most hardcore fantasies.

When John catches Beth cheating on his father he gets the chance to get rid of her once and for all. But when Beth tells him she will do anything he wants, John has to decide which fantasy he'd rather have come true. In the end the choice is easy and his slutty step mother is in for one rough night!


      “Take your clothes off.” I said softly.
      To my surprise, Beth flashed her trademark smirk, “You get a chance to take a real woman and that’s the best you can do?”
      “I said take the nightgown off.” I said more firmly.
      “Maybe you should read one of those books first.” She sighed, “Really, John, I thought you were a man not a little boy.” The smirk broadened and feeling something release inside me, I snapped, “I said take your fucking clothes off bitch!”
      “Ohh,” she purred, causing my cock to strain for release. “Yes sir.”
      Tossing the cuffs on the bed, Beth pulled the night gown off and let it fall to the floor. I licked my lips at the sight of her tight little body and those goddamn amazing little tits. “Show them to me.”
      “You can see them,” she said, another smile playing at her lips.
      “Okay.” I nodded, “You think you’re going to call the shots?” pulling my phone from my pocket I showed her the other picture, with her ass facing the camera “I’m sure dad will like this one.”
      “Now show me your tits or I’m going to text this to him right now.”
      The smile left her face and her green eyes flaring; Beth cupped her tits for me. Putting my phone on the bureau behind me, I imagined the character of Jack from my latest book. “Hmm, not very big.” I shook my head; I’ve seen bigger tits in middle school.”
      “You asshole!” she let her tits go, “I...ow!”

Word Count: 20,700

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

Current Reviews: 3

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