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Sharing Mom...With Dad!


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[Incest, mother son incest, group incest, family incest, double penetration, anal sex, oral sex, double blowjob]

Since finding their dirty videos, Derek is obsessed with watching his parents have sex. When his parents come home unexpectedly, he almost gets caught, and hides in the closet, where he is treated to a live sex show. The next day they tell him they know he's been watching. Derek tries to apologize, but they're not mad at all. It seems Mom and Dad have a fantasy of their own, and have decided their son is going help them make it happen!


      Since finding a hot video of them on their computer, Derek has been obsessed with watching his parents have sex. Whenever they go out, Derek slips into their room and not only watches the movies, but masturbates with his mother's panties and snoops in their toy drawer. There Derek finds a pile of DVDs all featuring two men taking one woman.
      But his obsession almost gets him caught when they come home unexpectedly.
      Forced to hide in the closet, things get even hotter for Derek as he watches them have sex less than ten feet away from them.
      As they're playing and his mother is acting like a full out slut, they keep talking about how bad they both want to find a good looking young guy to take his mother in a hot threesome.
      As Derek gets off right there in the closet, mom and dad tell each other all the hot things that would happen if another guy was there taking her at the same time.
      Derek sneaks out when his parents fall asleep, but the next morning dad calls him into their room. Once there, mom and dad tell him, they know he's been watching and was in the closet last night. Derek is humiliated and tries to apologize, but he doesn't have to. Not only are his parents not upset, they're happy with their son's obsession.
      Mom and Dad have had fantasies of a hot threesome for years, and are going to use their son's lust to help them make their own wet dreams come true!

Word Count: 22,150

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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