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The Comfort Of My Mother's Arms


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[incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, taboo erotica, mother son fantasy, oral sex, incest romance]

Ricky and his mother share the same problem. After suffering heartaches, neither can manage to get their sex life going again. They are each dating, but can't relax enough with their new interests to break the ice. It’s Friday night, and they've both struck out again. But this time what Ricky doesn't know is that his mother is planning on the two of them becoming much closer.


      Her skin was firm and warm to the touch and I was beginning to enjoy touching her just a little too much. I was already hard and making things tougher was Mom had started kneading her feet into my thigh as if she were a cat, pushing lightly with one then the other.
      I watched nervously as her foot had moved a little closer to my cock. I jumped when she raised her foot and placing it against my chest slowly slid it down. I stared down as her soft foot trailed down to my stomach before settling into my lap again.
      “Tell you what Ricky, you and I are far too good looking to not be getting laid.” She laughed. “Sorry, that sounded pretty vain. You are, at least. Me? I’m getting up there.”
      “You’re beautiful Mom,” I told her softly, “Absolutely beautiful.”
      I smiled as Mom not only blushed, but gave me a surprisingly shy little smile, “Really? You mean that?”
      “I do. I’ve always thought you were beautiful.”
      Mom smiled again and after taking another swig of wine, passed me the bottle. I took it, but paused. More would not be a good idea right now.
      “Hey Ricky, can I ask you something?”
      “Sure.” I said and tried to ease back a little as once again her feet were moving.
      “You think I’m pretty, but do you think I’m sexy?”
      “Well…” At that question I did take a swig. I paused before swallowing, trying to think of how to answer that question. “You’re my mother and…”
      “I am, but I thought we were friends?” she smiled and raised her arms over her head, pushing her tits out. “So let’s say you see me like this, and don’t know me, am I hot? Would you stare?”
      “I…” I was having a hard time not staring as her shirt rode up and I was looking at her soft stomach, “I…yeah you’re pretty hot.”
      “For an older woman?”
      “For any woman.”
      “Wow, you’re smooth honey, you should try it with an older woman they appreciate things like that!” She lowered her hands and asked, “You’re not just saying that though?”
      I took a couple more swallows of the wine and putting the bottle down winced as the room swam for a moment. I blinked at her and speaking slowly said, “I’ve always thought you were sexy, hell back when I was a kid I had a crush on…” I stopped as I realized what I’d just said.
      “You had a crush on me?” she laughed delightedly.
      Although I was embarrassed, seeing her smile made me smile back and nodding sheepishly, I replied, “Yeah, I…I used to think you were so pretty and used to love when you would come in my room and talk to me.”
      “That is so cute!” She clapped her hands. “And flattering too, especially now, nice looking young guy like you.”
      Mom slid further down on the couch and I panicked as her feet slid across my lap. Her left foot grazed my cock and I had to stifle a moan at the contact. I hoped to hell she didn’t notice. Looking over at her, I saw that she was looking down as if lost in thought. I looked down as well and my eyes widened as I saw her skirt was almost all the way up her thighs. It was a good thing her legs were together or at this point I would be seeing her panties.
      “So Ricky,” she gave me a nasty grin, “You ever think dirty things about me?”
      I could feel my face heating up even as I quickly answered, “Of course not!”
      “You did, didn’t you?” She laughed, pointing at me. “You had dirty thoughts about your mom!”

Word Count: 12,640

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft