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The Mother Of My Dreams


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[incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, taboo erotica, taboo sex, incest, oral sex]

Like many guys his age, Joel has wet dreams. He dreams of attractive women and all the things he could with them. Lately Joel has been dreaming of a stunning older woman. Every night he lies there envisioning her big blue eyes, blonde hair, and long tan legs. When he wakes up Joel is not only horny, but guilty. After all, isn't it wrong to have dirty dreams about your own mother?


      “Oh Mom,” I gasped. “Oh you feel so good!”
      “I like how that sounded honey,” Mom panted in my ear. “Say it again!”
      I hesitated, trying to speak through my moans of pleasure and Mom slammed her hips down even harder.
      “Oh Mom!” I cried out as I felt my balls tighten in preparation of emptying their contents inside my mother’s pussy.
      “Hmmm” She purred. “Oh keep saying that!”
      “Oh, Mom!” This came out as a whimper, Any second now I would be cumming for her!
      “Oh, Joel!” She cried out again.
      I jerked awake to the sound of Mom calling my name. I sat up quickly; my heart pounding and saw Mom sitting up next to me, her blue eyes wide.
      “Joel, are you okay?”
      I looked at her and nodded. Holy shit had that dream been vivid. On that note I felt a knot begin to form in my stomach. I’d had the dream with mom laying a foot away from me. What if she heard me?
      “Lay back honey.” Mom said, placing her hand on my shoulder and pushing me back down to the pillow. “You okay, you want some water?”
      “No,” I panted. “I…I’m okay.”
      “That was some dream I take it.”
      I looked into her eyes, trying to decide what she meant by that. Her expression seemed to be one of concern; maybe I could get out of this. “Umm, yeah.” I nodded.
      “You’re sweating and you were calling out in your sleep.”
      Oh boy. I thought, but aloud, said. “Yeah, it was a pretty bad dream.”
      “Oh?’ Mom cocked her head at me. “You had a nightmare?”
      “Well yeah,” I said nervously.
      Mom nodded and as my heart slowed down, I became aware I was hard and was thankful the sheet was pulled up over my waist.
      “That’s odd,” Mom began as she looked back up at me. “You were calling for me.”
      “I was?”
      “Yeah, a few times.”
      I forced myself to laugh. “Guess I was scared and wanted my mom.”
      “Really?” Mom asked smirking. “That’s all it was?”
      I shrugged. “Yeah sure, what…”
      “Well that’s kind of strange Joel.” Mom cut me off. “Because usually when a young man is scared and calling for his mother he doesn’t have one of these.” Reaching down Mom grabbed my cock through the sheet and squeezed it.
      “Mom, I…”
      “I think it’s time we talked, Joel.”

Word Count: 20,700

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft