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Mom Likes Porn, Too!


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[Incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, taboo erotica, taboo fantasy, incest erotica, oral sex]

Joey loves porn…more specifically mother-son porn. He watches it constantly, and wishes he could be one of the lucky sons in those videos. Those sons have smoking hot mothers who like nothing more than to enjoy their boys in every way. Joey's mom looks just as good as the women in those videos, but all he can do is dream of her. That is, until she reveals a secret to him: that Mom likes porn too!


      Jimmy’s ‘Mom’ stopped stroking and pulled her shirt over her head to expose a pair of huge tits. Leaning back over she wrapped her tits around his cock and moaned, “Go ahead, baby, fuck your mother’s tits!”
      “Damn.” I muttered, while slowing my stroking, I liked to time it so I came when the son came and saw it would be a little longer as mom had slowed up and to my delight was teasing her tongue along his head.
      The son had moved her thong and was fingering her pussy and my heart raced as I watched his fingers slip inside her and his thumb found her clit. The mom released an exaggerated moan, but I didn’t care as all I could picture was doing that to my mother, wondering what her pussy would feel like.
      I stopped stroking as they continued to play and I didn’t want to come yet.
      The mother turned around on the bed and began breathing through my mouth as she swung her legs over his head and put them into a sixty nine position. The camera showed a close up of the son licking her pussy and then went back and forth between him licking and the mother taking his cock into her mouth.
      The mother lifted her head and let loose with a long loud and I’m sure fake orgasm, but the sound still sent a thrill through me and I resumed stroking as the mother stopped moaning and was now back to slowly pumping his cock. She squeezed it and used his oozing pre-cum as more lube.
      My own cock was slick right now and I slowed my stroking once more to keep from coming.
      “Damn that looks good!” Mom exclaimed from behind me.
      I jerked forward in my seat, letting my cock go and pulling the ear buds from my head. I turned in my chair to see my mother standing behind me.
      “Mom!” I felt my face turning red and I tried to lift my hips to pull my boxers over my cock, but she put her hands on my shoulders, keeping me where I was.
      “Is that the newest video?” she asked as if nothing were wrong, “I haven’t seen it yet.”
      I had no idea what to say and simply stared at her. Mom’s hair was down and she was wearing the white robe, but I could see enough of her chest to know she was no longer wearing the bikini. In fact the way she was leaning over I could see her entire left breast, right down to the pink skin around her nipple.
      “Damn look at that.” She whispered, as she leaned over so her face was beside mine, “That’s a nice cock!”
      “M…mom…I…I’m sorry.”
      “I’m not. Hmmm,” she purred in my ear, “Look at her play with her son’s cock, damn that’s hot! Not as hot as when I first came in and she was blowing him, but…” she sighed and I felt her hot breath on my neck. “That looks so good.”
      “Mom?” I turned my head to see she was staring intently at the lap top. Her blue eyes were wide and she was breathing through her parted lips.
      “Shhh, I’m watching.” She grabbed the cord for the ear buds and pulled them from the lap top.
      The room filled with the sound of the son moaning and whimpering as the mother pumped him even slower than before, “Please mom.” He groaned, “Oh, please make me cum.”
      “Oh, listen to him begging his mother.” She whispered. Mom’s voice was husky and I could feel her heavy breathing on my face. “And he’s whimpering, oh she has total control of that boy, doesn’t she?”
      “I…mom why are you watching this?”
      “Same reason you are, Joey.” She looked at me and winked, “Because they turn me on.”

Word Count: 6,820

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft