Erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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If Mom Only Knew


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[incest, father-daughter incest, daddy-daughter incest, daddy-daughter fantasy, taboo erotica, oral sex, anal sex, public sex]

Just as the title says, this book features three torrid tales of lusty fathers and eager-to-please daughters who want each other so bad, they'll do it no matter where Mom is, even if she’s in the next room! These insatiable daddies’ girls will stop at nothing to get what they want, whenever they want it!

Road Trip - While Mom's shopping, Jennifer takes her dad on a wild ride right there in the van!

Counter Offer - Mom's in the next room, but the counter is waist-high, and everything Keri wants from her dad is below the belt.

Off the Hook - Mom grounds Holly, but she has a special way of getting Daddy to let her off the hook.


      Picking up my phone I texted her, “Behave yourself, they’re three feet from us.”
      “But I want it!” She gave me the lip again.
      “Maybe tonight.” I added as she sighed and slumped against the seat, a delightfully bratty look on her face.
      Maybe we would get the chance if we could get out of shopping later. I suppose most guys would have to worry about having sex with another woman in case their wife wanted some, but they weren’t married to my wife. No chance Rachel would want any because it was a day that ended in Y.
      “Hey, look!” Susan pointed to a sign we were passing, “Next exit they have a Kohls, want to stretch our legs and look around? I have a gift card!”
      “Sure.” Rachel agreed and changed lanes to take the exit.
      “Great.” I rolled my eyes. “Kohls.”
      “Don’t be a dud. Jennifer wants to go, right?”
      “Not really. They have mostly old clothes there.”
      “Thanks.” Rachel told her shooting her a dirty look in the mirror as she left the exit and approached the shopping center on our right.
      “Hey, they have a Newport creamery!” Jennifer pointed as we pulled into the parking lot. “Hey, dad, let’s get some ice cream!”
      “You guys want to do that?” Rachel asked as she pulled in front of Kohls “Grab something while we shop?”
      “That way you can shop longer?” I grunted.
      “At least you don’t have to come with us.”
      “Ice cream it is!” I clapped my hands.
      We all hopped out of the van and Jennifer called out, “I want to drive!”
      “It’s only down the other end of the plaza.” I told her.
      “So? I want to drive!” She grabbed Rachel’s keys from her and cut me off at the driver’s door. “Please?”
      “Uh, sure.” I put my hands up, “Knock yourself out for a hundred yards.”
      “Take your time.” Rachel kissed my cheek and laughed, “We will!”
      “I bet.” I said, “I can feel the bank account dwindling as we speak.”
      Rachel laughed again and headed for the store while I got into the passenger seat.
      “What’s with the driving?” I asked Jennifer as she cruised along the plaza.
      “Oh, you’ll see.” She giggled.
      “Hey, slow down the creamery’s right here.” I told her.
      “That’s not the kind of cream I want.” She drove passed Creamery then the shoe store next to it and turned the corner.
      “Where are you going?”
      “You’ll see.” She drove down the side of the building where there were a few parking spots, very last spot a dozen or so away from the nest nearest car and shut the engine off.
      “Jennifer, you can’t be thinking…” She silenced me by leaning over and kissing me. It wasn’t a quick peck, but a full out kiss, her tongue driving into my lips. I parted them and groaned when her tongue danced across mine. Her arms went around my shoulders, holding me tight as she kissed me with a passion I hadn’t felt from Rachel in years if ever at all.

Word Count: 16,590

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft