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Daddy's Favorite Dress


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[incest, father daughter incest, daddy, daughter, taboo incest, taboo erotica, daughter seducing father]

Nicole's father hasn't been the same since her mom died last year. With the anniversary of her death approaching, Dad is worse than ever, drinking steadily and many nights so drunk he mistakes Nicole for her mother. All Dad wants is one more night with his wife to say goodbye. In a desperate act of love to save her dad, Nicole dons Mom's best dress and lets her father love his wife one last time.


      My attention turned to the feeling of dad tugging on the tie around my neck. I felt it loosen and the top of the dress loosen. His hand came around to the front and grabbing the top of the dress, smiled, "As good beautiful as this dress is, I know what's underneath is even better." He pulled the top down and I moaned when my small breasts sprang free.
      His hand was immediately on my right breast, and I shuddered involuntarily as he fondled my soft flesh. My breast was completely covered by his large hand and like my clit I felt my nipple stiffen at the sensation of his palm caressing it. I was breathing hard both from nerves and my body automatically responding to the contact. His thumb was still toying with my clit, rubbing a little then stopping. He was taking his time, teasing and playing, touching me in the way a long time lover who was in no hurry would.
      But to him I was that long-time lover and knowing I needed to act accordingly I grabbed the top of his jeans and unsnapped them. Moving quickly to not lose my nerve I unzipped him and pushed my hand inside. He moaned as my hand slid along the length of his long and extremely hard cock. Moving his hand, he cupped my breast and began running his thumb around my nipple in the same manner he was teasing my clit.
      Leaning my head on his shoulder so he couldn't see my nervousness, I gripped his cock through his underwear and stoked him. His hips started rocking and his fingers picked up speed, moving faster within me. His thumb pressed firmly against my hard button and I moaned into his neck as he was now moving it in hard fast circles. His hand switched to my other nipple, his fingers finding my swollen pink flesh and rolling it between his fingers.
      Again I was surprised at his soft touch. But nowhere near as surprised as I was when I felt the beginning of an orgasm stirring within me. My hips were moving faster into his hand and I was moaning as much as I was breathing at this point. I kept my hand moving on his cock, trying not to think about how I was going to be able to let him put it inside me. Dad was breathing hard as well and His fingers were trembling on my nipple.
      Dad surprised me by dropping down on his knees in front of me. That move took my hand from his cock, but put his face low enough for him to take my nipple into his mouth. I moaned in what I had to admit was surprised pleasure at the feeling of his warm mouth and soft tongue on my excited skin. Reaching back he unzipped my dress and tugged it down over my hips. He removed his hand from my pussy and I swore the whimper I released had an edge of disappointment to it.

Word Count: 28,580

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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