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Daddy Likes It Rough...And So Do I!


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[Father Daughter incest, daddy daughter sex, rough sex, bondage, spanking, taboo sex, taboo erotica, incest]

Ever since she read a book about fathers giving their naughty daughters what they deserve, Melanie has wanted the same.

No longer interested in sex with guys her age, Melanie longs to be punished like the bad girl she's dying to be. But is resigned to the fact it will never happen.

Then her father walks in on her reading the book and masturbating. Her mother shows up and he covers for her, but tells Melanie she's staying home from school tomorrow and they're going to have a long talk.

Melanie thinks she's in trouble and she's right, because her daddy has every intention of treating her like one of those bad girls in her book. For Melanie, being bad will never feel so good!


            I licked my lips and slid my wet fingers back down between my legs. Opening up the book to the first story and began to read.
      “Oh, daddy, please stop! I’ll be good I promise!” Susan cried out as her father continued to spank her bare ass.
      “You said that last time you little slut!” He exclaimed, punctuating his sentence with another stinging slap across her stinging ass.
      ‘Oh…please daddy! I...I’ll be your good girl I promise! I…oh!”
      Susan cried out as her father dealt her tender backside several slaps in quick succession. She was lying across his lap and kicking her feet wildly as he continued to discipline her. Her skirt was over her hips and her panties were around her ankles, leaving her entire ass exposed to him and he was doing his best to turn every inch of it red.
      “Good girl?” he laughed, “You don’t want to be a good girl, you love being a dirty little pig don’t you?”
      He slapped her again, but this time his large hand stayed on her burning ass and squeezed her cheek hard. Susan moaned, but not just from the stinging, but how when he’d squeezed he’d spread her cheeks open. His fingers were on the inside of her thigh, inches from her very wet pussy. She begin to squirm on his lap, hoping he would move his fingers and touch her the way he always did when she was a bad girl.
      “I asked you a question, you little whore!” dad yelled, pulling her pony tail and lifting her head up.”
      “No, I…I’m a good girl really!” she yelled even as she tried to move her hips and push her pussy closer to him.
      He laughed and inched his fingers closer, deliberately teasing her and Susan whimpered in frustration. She had her hands on the floor helping to balance herself, and raising her right began to squeeze her small, but hard nipple through her shirt, oh, she needed it so bad!
      “So, you think you’re a good girl?”
      “Yes daddy! I’m your good girl!”
      “Hmm, let’s see.”
      “Oh daddy!”
      Susan called out in pleasure as his thick fingers thrust between her legs and into her quivering pussy.

      My own fingers slipped into my pussy and began pumping as hard as I could, imagining them as my own father’s fingers.
      “You’re wet you little pig!” dad exclaimed, “You do love being a pig!”
      “I’m your pig daddy!” she moaned, “I’m anything you want me to be! I…oh ow!”
      Susan yelped in pain as he suddenly stood up and she fell off of his lap. She hit the floor hard and cried out again as he grabbed her by her pony tail and dragged her to his knees.

      My fingers slid from inside of my pussy and sliding up to my clit started rubbing it hard and fast in anticipation of what was coming next.
      Holding her head up, by her hair, her father used his free hand to unzip his pant and removing his hard cock said, “Go ahead, you little slut, suck your daddy’s cock!”
      Susan opened her mouth and took him into it, she began sucking slowly, trying to be a good girl and please him.
      “Oh, please don’t tease it, suck it!”
      Susan gurgled as he shoved the entire length of his long thick cock into her mouth and down her throat. When her lips were touching his balls, he began thrusting in and out.
      “That’s it you little bitch, you suck that cock! It’s all sluts like you are good for isn’t it”
      Susan couldn’t speak all she could do was whimper pathetically as her father held her head still and repeatedly fucked her mouth. Her eyes were watering and he was hurting her throat, but at the same time her pussy was dripping and she sucked as best she could, hoping if she pleased him, her daddy would make her cum.
      “Oh fuck! Oh, yeah that’s it you little oh yeah!”
      He cried out and Susan moaned as his cock twitched and his cum began filling her mouth. He was fucking her so hard and there was so much cum, she gagged and as he pulled his cock out his cum drooled down her chin and tits and spilled onto the floor.
      “You made a mess!” he said.
      “I’m sorry Daddy! I…"
      “Clean it up!”
      Susan was suddenly pushed down to the floor until her face was just over the puddle of cum on the floor.
      “I said, lick it up you…”

      “Oh yes!” I moaned as my back arched and dropping the book, I began to play with my right nipple.
      I gave it a hard pinch, imagining it as Dad’s hand fingers doing it and that small jolt of pain sent me over the edge. I bit my lips so I wouldn’t cry out louder and squirmed on the bed as my pussy convulsed and waves of pleasure crashed through me. I straightened my legs and curled my toes and with another muffled squeal, I felt my pussy contract and slumped onto the bed as a warm gush of sticky fluid coated my fingers. I lay there panting and reaching for the book, planned on doing some more reading and some more cumming. That one had just taken the edge off, now I was going to take my time and really…
      I jumped at a knock on the door and my eyes widened when I saw the doorknob begin to turn, shit, I’d forgotten to lock my door. The door opened partway and I heard Dad say, “Hey Melanie, can I borrow your I-pod? I want to…oh!”
      I had yanked the two big pillows quickly down in front of me and yelled, “I’m not dressed!”
      “Jesus, I’m sorry.” Dad said, his face turning red.
      I sat there trying to get my heart to stop pounding and noticed that he was staring at my bare legs which were sticking straight out as I’d only been able to cover my tits and lap.
      “Its…its okay. I should have locked my door when I was going to change.
      “Ummm, why are you naked on your bed?” he asked, his eyes finally making their way to my face.
      “How do you know I’m naked?” I asked, really wondering, “I have…umm, my underwear on, and" giving it a shot I added,“ Wanna see?”
      “No! I…I believe you.” He said as he came closer to the bed, “Hey Melanie?”
      “Yes, daddy?” I asked nervously as he stared closely at me.
      “Why are you red and sweaty?”
      “Oh, uh…”
      “You feeling okay?” he asked, stopping near the foot of the bed.
      Seeing my way out, I shrugged, “No, I…I’ve been having hot flashes all day, that’s why I decided to lay down and was too hot to put anything on.”
      “Oh, sorry I bothered you.”
      He was rocking from foot to foot as if he was nervous and I saw his eyes staring down towards the pillow. I looked down to see that he could see the side of my leg and hip and realized he knew I wasn’t wearing anything.
      “That’s okay. My I-pod’s on my…”
      “Hey!” He reached down to the bed, “What the hell is this?”
      To my horror, he held up the book.

Word Count: 11,560

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft