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An Anniversary To Remember


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[incest, oral sex, virginity, first sex, twins, twincest, brother sister incest, brother sister sex, brother sister erotica]

Like most twins, 18 year old Dawn and her brother Paul are very close. Sometimes even knowing how the other is feeling if they are not together. This was the case six years ago when, sensing his sister was in trouble, Paul saved Dawn from drowning. Since then Dawn celebrates that day by giving her brave brother a gift. This year Dawn has decided to give Paul something very special: her virginity.


     Dawn and Paul are very close. Like many twins they think the same things at the same time and often finish each others sentences. Sometimes they even know how the other feels when they are not together. That was the case when at the age of 12 Paul sensed something was wrong at camp and saved his sister from drowning. Seeing she was okay the Twins decided to keep it from their parents. Since then Dawn has celebrated their secret anniversary with a gift.
      Usually something small, a way to say thank you to her brave brother. However this year things have been a little different between the twins. Although attractive neither seems to have much luck with the opposite sex. Dawn knows this is because she compares every man to her sweet loving brother. As time goes by she begins to see her brother in a very different way. Dawn knows what she wants but isn't sure if Paul does. There are times she is sure he is looking at his beautiful sister and more importantly Dawn can sometimes feel her brother wanting her.
      Unsure of how to approach her Paul Dawn gets her answer as her parents say that not only are they going away but it's the week of Dawn and Paul's anniversary. Using the week alone to her advantage Dawn places Paul in several situations designed to get him to see her as not just his sister but a beautiful young woman.
      The night of their anniversary is here and tonight Dawn plans on giving her brother a very special gift. The gift of not only her body but also her heart.

Word Count: 16,300

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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