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Family Affair #01 - Welcome To The Family


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[mother son incest, father daughter incest, mother daughter incest, brother sister incest, group incest, family incest, groupsex, FFM, threesome]

Since his 18th birthday, Randy's been having dirty dreams about not only his sister, Haley, but his mother, too. He feels guilty, and thinks something is wrong with him. That is, until Haley and Mom tell him the family secret: that his parents and sister have been having sex together since Haley had the same dreams he's had. There is an age-old family tradition, and Randy is about to become part of it!


      They sat there in silence, mom looking relaxed and Randy caught between being nervous about what Haley would say along with trying to keep his eyes off his mother who was as dressed the same way his sister had been.
      He jumped at a knock on the door and mom called, “Come in, honey.”
      Haley entered the room and to Randy’s mixed dismay and relief she was still dressed in her skimpy little pink ensemble from earlier. In a way it was bad because now he had both of them here to try not to look at, but at least mom could see what she was wearing.
      “What’s up, mom?” Haley asked, while giving him a mischievous smile, like this was exactly what she wanted.
      “Come here.” Mom patted the bed next to her and Haley obediently say next to her.
      This left Randy struggling to not look at both sets of bare legs as well as their tits, he focused on mom’s face as she spoke.
      “Your brother tells me you were acting pretty naughty in his room is that true?”
      “Naughty?” Randy muttered, “That’s grown up?”
      “Fine.” Mom winked at him, “Your brother said you’re dressed like a slut and were acting like one.”
      “I didn’t say that.” He spoke up.
      “You implied it.” Mom said, “But I’m talking to your sister. That true Haley?”
      “I was wearing this.” Haley stood up and did a slow turn for her mother, showing off her outfit and Randy swore he saw his mother staring at Haley’s ass, then linger on her seemingly always hard nipples.
      “I see. That is kind improper for your brother, no?” She asked as Haley sat back down next to her.
      “Not really, we’re family after all. A close family, right, mom?” Haley had the same look on her face as mom did, like she was trying not to laugh.
      Randy began to wonder if this wasn’t some kind of joke the two of them were playing, but she’d shown her tits and mom would never screw with him like this.
      “Were very close.” Mom kissed her cheek and put her hand on Haley’s upper thigh.
      Haley giggled and put her hand over mom’s which stayed on her leg. Randy’s eyes widened at the sight and he desperately tried to not read anything dirty into an affectionate gesture by their mother.
      “But,” Mom continued, “Dressing like this is one thing, but Randy tells me you showed him your tits?”
      “You little rat.” Haley sighed.
      “Did you?” Mom pressed, “Did you show your brother your tits?”
      “Yes, mama.” Haley nodded, “I took my shirt off to show off my titty’s to my brother.”
      “Is that so?” Mom stared at her, “And what did he think of them?”
      “What?” Randy asked, “What kind of question is that?”
      “An important one, now shush.” Mom spoke without looking at him.
      “He said he didn’t like them.” She pushed her lower lip out, “Maybe they were too little for him.”
      “So you didn’t like your sister’s tits, Randy?”
      “I…what?” He shook his head, trying to clear it in case he wasn’t hearing right, “She’s my sister! I’m not supposed to.”
      “She’s also a sexy young lady,” Mom put her arm around Haley and drew her close to her. “If some other girl her age showed her tits you’d look, right?”
      “Yeah, but…”
      “So is it that you didn’t like them, or you were upset because you did and told her you didn’t?”
      “This doesn’t make sense.” He said, “Mom, she flashed her tits at me! That’s all that matters.”
      “No, what matters is whether you liked them or not, so be honest, Randy. You think your sister has nice tits?”
      “This is fucking crazy.”
      “That’s not an answer.” Mom pointed out, “I think you liked them and you’re trying to pretend because you think it’s wrong.”
      “It is.”
      “Why?” Mom prodded.
      “Because she’s my sister?” He answered weakly, confused with how this was going.
      “But if those pretty little tits were on another girl would you like them?”’
      “But they’re not.”
      “I think there’s only one way to figure this out.” Mom slid further back on the bed and opened her legs. “Come here, baby girl.”
      Haley got up, moved over, and then sat in front of his mother. Mom put her arms around her waist, hugging her to her and peered at him over her shoulder, “Let’s see what you really think. Arms up, Haley.”
      Haley put her arms up and to Randy’s disbelief, mom pulled his sister’s shirt up and off, exposing her tits to him.

Word Count: 25,064

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft