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My Sister Sucks


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[incest, brother sister incest, brother sister sex, taboo erotica, little sister, incest fantasy, sibling erotica]

Greg's little sister, Lily, sucks. She's a little brat who is always in trouble and looking for him to help her out. As much as Greg tells her she sucks, he loves the little brat and always ends up helping her out even though he never gets anything out of it. That's about to change because its Greg's birthday and his little sister plans on showing him sucking isn't always a bad thing!


      “Happy Birthday, big brother!” Lily exclaimed, scaring the shit out of him.
      He spun around to see her sitting in the small armchair he’d gotten when dad bought new furniture for his den. He had it in the corner for when he watched TV and Lily was currently sprawled out on it.
      “Holy shit!” he gasped, “Where the hell did you come from?”
      “My room, silly!” she giggled. “And you came from the shower.” She nodded in approval. “That works out great.”
      “What are you doing up and…what the hell are you wearing?”
      ‘Not enough’ was the short answer, and ‘something more suited for a boyfriend’ was the longer answer. His little sister had on some type of short, way too short, slinky little baby blue top. It only made it halfway down her stomach, exposing her pierced naval and at the angle she was sitting came dangerously close to showing the bottom of her breasts.
      The material was sheer enough for him to see her skin beneath it, but fortunately there were strategically placed blue flowers over her breasts. Not all of her breasts however. Her nipples and lower part of her tits couldn’t be seen, but the top and inner halves were plainly visible.
      The bottom was no less revealing, a pair of lacy blue shorts that the way she was sitting rode ride up to her damn ass cheeks. Lily’s legs were wide open, one draped over each arm of the chair. Like the top, the shorts were see-through except for the patch directly between her legs.
      There wasn’t a lot of material there and Greg removed his gaze from her thighs, but felt he’d lingered longer than he should have.
      “These are my new jammies! You like them?”
      He focused on her face and noticed her hair was down. Not just down, but styled with little curls framing her face. It certainly didn’t look like the mess it usually did when Lily would stagger out of bed in the morning.
      Her hair wasn’t the only thing she’d take some time he thought as he took in her pink lips and the blue eyeshadow and mascara framing her big brown eyes. The blue matched the outfit perfectly and when she wiped a strand of hair from her face, he saw her fingernails matched too.
      A quick glance down showed her toes did too. Greg swallowed nervously when he realized his sister looked pretty damn hot right now. Even hotter than the night she’d snuck in from the party. What the hell was she up to?

Word Count: 16,960

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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