Erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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Mom Will Be Your Girl


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[incest, mother son incest. mother son sex, mom and son, milf, milf erotica, taboo erotica, incest fantasy]

Cory's being used by his ex-girlfriend, but can't help himself. Brandy's so hot and promises all manner of sexual favors, but always wants something for it. Cory's mother is tired of it and tells him to stop. Cory's argues he knows she's making a fool of him, but he needs sex. Cory's mother tells him that if all he wants is sex, then don't worry. Who needs Brandy when Mom will be your girl?


      “Cory what if there was someone else willing to take care of you?”
      “Take care of me?”
      “Don’t be dense.” Mom sighed. “What if there was someone better than Brandy who would give you what you needed?”
      “I…well I don’t know anyone and I’d want to know them. I’m not the kind of guy to just…”
      “Can anything be a yes or no with you?” Mom muttered. “You said this is all about sex. If you got sex would you forget about this little pig once and for all?”
      “I… yes.” he nodded when she shot him a dirty look.
      “See, was that hard?” Mom stood up and walked over to him, unbuttoning her top as she did.
      “Mom, what the hell are you doing?”
      “Honey, a good mom does everything for her son.” She opened her shirt and sliding it down her shoulders, let it hit the floor behind her.
      Cory thought his jaw was going to hit the floor with it. Mom’s bra wasn’t just skimpy, but the cups were transparent blue lace. Her breasts themselves looked as if they were too big for the bra and when she reached behind her back, he thought his heart was going to pound through his chest.
      “Sometimes that means doing something extreme to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.”
      Mom’s bra loosened and taking the straps, she slowly eased them down her arms. The cups lowered on her breasts and Cory told himself to look away. She was drunk and he needed to...
      “Oh, my God,” he breathed when her bra joined the shirt on the floor.

Word Count: 9,330