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Gloryhole Housewives


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[gloryhole, fetish, hotwife, oral sex, lesbian, milf, blowjob, double blowjob, snowballing, hardcore sex, bisexual]

Meet Mary and Julie, two long time best friends trapped in troubled and uninspiring marriages. Despite their issues, their husbands think the two women have remained 'good women' as they should be. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. Meet Mary and Julie, the two masked women behind the smoking-hot Twitter feed, Gloryhole Housewives. For these women, revenge has never tasted so sweet!


      “I can’t believe I forgot to tell you what I found last week.” Julie crossed the empty room and went over to the door that led into the basement.
      “Found where? Downstairs?”
      “Yup.” Julie grinned and let Mary go downstairs first, then shut the lights upstairs off. “Don’t want anyone to know we’re here,” she explained when Mary looked at her funny before going down the stairs.
      “Okay, this is getting a little weird.”
      “Going to get damn hot though.” Julie smirked as they entered the empty carpeted space she used to rent out.
      Julie grabbed the bottle from Mary and took several swallows. “Ready for some payback?”
      “I…sure I guess.” She took the bottle back.
      “Drink,” Julie told her. “I need you loose. Loose and pissed.”
      “For what?” Mary demanded. “What the hell are we doing down here?”
      “Going to turn back the clock, Mary.” Julie went to the paneled wall and opened a small door that blended in so well Mary hadn’t noticed it. “Come see what I found.”
      She vanished into the space and a dim light flickered on. Mary rolled her eyes and followed her, moving slowly as she was getting to the point she was no longer sure of her footing from the tequila she’d chugged.
      Mary entered the hallway like space and saw Julie fumbling with something in the wall.
      “Check it out!” Julie pulled a black circle from the wall and pointed at the round hole it left.
      Julie sank to her knees and placing her cheek against the wall showed off the hole was level with her face. She flicked her tongue out and laughed. “It’s a gloryhole!” she laughed, then reached out and removed another disc. “Two of them!”
      “No way.” Mary whispered.
      “Like I said, I found this last week! I called that old goat Ralph and he used to have hookers come down here and charge for blowjobs through the wall!”
      Mary walked over to where Julie knelt and swallowed nervously. “You’re not really thinking of doing this, are you?”
      “Not thinking about it.” Julie gave her a nasty smile. “Doing it!”
      She whacked her hand hard on the wall several times and yelled through the hole, “Hey, any of you guys want to get sucked off?”

Word Count: 45,879

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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