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Mom Gets Horny, Too


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[incest, taboo, mother son incest, mother son sex, milf, taboo erotica, incest erotica, cougar cub, mommy sex, incest fantasy]

Tony's obsessed with his mom. He'd love for her to do all the nasty things his favorite porn star moms do to their 'sons.' In fact, his favorite movie 'Mom Gets Horny, Too' features an actress that looks just like his mom. When Tony's mother feels bad they haven't spent much together lately, she decides to bring back an old tradition: Friday night movies.

When Tony was young and his father worked nights, Mom would spend Friday nights in his bed watching movies with him. The idea of having his mother in bed next to him now has Tony thinking he's going to be in for a long frustrating night. Or is he? When Mom picks something to watch, Tony's amazed to discover they have the same favorite movie. When he tells his mother he's surprised, she asks him why. After all, Mom gets horny, too!


      Tony's door opened and his mother came in. Shit, so much for catching a break.
      Mom had on some type of silky sleeveless top so short it showed off her stomach. The good news was it was loose fitting, and didn’t hug her breasts. The bad news? It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra.
      Her nipples were poking through the thin material and Tony had to quickly lower his eyes. The bottom of her ensemble was a pair of shorts the same material as the top, but unlike the top, was snug enough to show off….don’t even think about! He turned his head before his eyes had completely focused on what was outlined between her legs.
      “What are you wearing?” He blurted out.
      “My jammies.” Mom shrugged, and her bra less breasts bounced. “They’re comfy. Why? Something wrong?”
      “Just…they uh…show a lot.”
      “Only if you’re looking.” Mom said casually, but her words were like a slap. He needed to just shut up and deal with this before he made it obvious he had trouble looking at her.
      “Speaking of wearing.” Mom pointed. “Aren’t you going to be warm? Put some shorts on.”
      “I’m comfortable.” He pointed to the TV. “I figured we could watch Avenger’s Civil War. That okay?”
      “Superheroes?” Mom rolled her eyes. “Guess we are turning back the clock to when you were a kid.”
      “What did you think we’d watch? A chick flick?”
      “I was hoping something much more adult. I’m sure you watch adult movies.”
      “Serious movies you mean?” He shrugged. “I figured we’d watch something fun.”
      “Adult can be fun, but I told you to pick. So fire it up!”
      Mom walked over and to both his delight, and dismay, climbed onto the foot of his bed. She crawled up towards the headboard and Tony thought he was going to explode when he watched her on her hands and knees.
      The shorts, already living up to their name, had ridden up, and one of her ass cheeks was hanging out. Tony got a look at the tan lines around her ass and was thankful he’d chosen the loose pants. Between them and his boxers his erection would be mostly hidden. Mom turned around on the bed, propped up the pillows to sit back against the headboard, and stretched her legs out.
      Tony took a breath and imitated her move, crawling up the bed. Had he walked over, his swelling problem might have been noticed so this was the smarter move. He rolled over and in the same position as her, but leaning forward grabbed the sheet to pull it over them.
      “You’re going to be hot, hon.” Mom told him.
      “Nah, I’ll be fine.” Problem was she was too damn hot. This way he could cover her legs at least.
      “Then change into some shorts.” She pointed to him. “Seriously. It’s a warm night and you’re already sweating. I don’t know why you’re being weird, but I don’t want you getting sick.”
      “Come on, mom. I…”
      “You’re sweating, and it’ll get cooler tonight and you’ll get chills. That’s how people get sick.”
      “Right.” He sighed, and got out of bed, keeping his back to her. “Close your eyes.”
      “Why, you don’t have boxers on?”
      “I do but…”
      “They’re just like shorts. Just take your pants off and get under the sheet.”
      “But they’re my underwear.”
      “What's the big deal?” Mom's lips curved into a sly smile. "Or is there something you're trying to hide?"

Word Count: 14,800

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft