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A Sister's Sweet Reward


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[incest, brother sister incest, lesbian, brother sister sex, sibling sex, taboo fantasy, taboo sex, taboo erotica]

Tim and his hot older sister Samantha both have secrets that would get them in a lot of trouble with their parents. Samantha's secret is she no longer has any interest in boys and has been sleeping with her best friend Kelly for the last few months.

Tim's secret is he has been spying on his sister, watching her play with herself and fantasizing about having sex with her. When Tim skips class and Kelly comes over he sneaks upstairs and watches Samantha and Kelly have sex.

Unfortunately this almost gets Samantha found out when his mother comes home unexpectedly. Tim barges into Samantha's room to get Kelly out of there, but it’s too late when Mom also enters the room.

Thinking quickly, Tim says Kelly was sneaking over to fool around with him and gets grounded for a month. Later that night, Samantha comes in to thank him for keeping her secret safe. She tells Tim she plans on rewarding him for being so sweet to her. Tim says she doesn't have to until Samantha tells him she has another secret.

It seems Samantha still gets the urge for a man from time to time, but not just any man, but her good looking younger brother. Tonight Samantha is going to give Tim the reward of a lifetime! Getting grounded has never been this hot!


      “If I wasn’t sure about that before, I sure as hell know it now.” She replied and reaching out caressed my cheek with her nails. “Tim, saying I owe you one is an understatement.”
      “That’s okay.” I waved at her, “Maybe someday you can help me out, but I’m not worried about it.”
      As I spoke I kept my eyes down, trying to avoid her tits, but was now staring at her thighs. Sammi was sitting with one leg crossed beneath her and the damn robe was just about up to her hip.
      “Tell you what little brother, “she said, snapping my eyes back to hers, “Anything you want, name it and it’s yours.”
      “I…” I swallowed nervously, “There’s nothing I really want.”
      “Really?” she gave me a big smile, “There’s nothing at all that you’ve thought of your big sister doing for you?”
      Her big brown eyes stared into mine and I felt my heart begin to race, she was looking at me expectantly and I wondered if she were really talking about….no, I told myself, don’t be an idiot.
      “Really.” I shook my head, “I…I’m okay, it’ll be a boring month, but….”
      “It doesn’t have to be.” She said softly, as she slid further onto the bed, leaning forward until her lips were at my ear she added, “Or a lonely one.”
      “I…what do you mean?” I stammered.
      Sitting back to stare at me, she asked, “You really going to pretend I don’t know Tim?”
      “Uh…know what Sammy?”
      Sammi sighed, “Oh, we’re going to play good little brother, is that it?” she nodded, “Okay, let’s do it this way. I know what you want Tim.”
      “What’s that?” I asked.
      “You, my not so sweet little brother, want to fuck your big sister.”
      “What?” I exclaimed, trying to feign shock, “That’s not true! I mean you’re my…”
      “Then why do you keep watching me?” she asked, smiling sweetly, “Hmmm? If you don’t want to fuck me why are you in the bathroom all the time?”
      “I….” I could feel my face flushing beet red, “Um…”
      “Let’s cut the shit Tim.” She told me. “You were in the bathroom watching me and Kelly, that’s why you didn’t see mom.”
      I put my head down and sighed, there was no way out of this. “I…you’re right sis, I was watching. I…I’m sorry, that’s why I don’t care I’m getting punished, I shouldn’t have been watching.”
      “No, you shouldn’t, but…” Sammi giggled, “I love that you do.”
      I looked up to see her still smiling at me, “You do?”
      “I do. I’ve known for weeks Tim, why do you think I don’t ask dad to fix the door. I like knowing you look at me.” She gave me a wink, “Why do you think I lay on the sheet when I play with myself, it’s so you can watch.”
      “I…oh, shit. I’m so sorry Sammi.”
      “Why?” she laughed, “Tim, you’re a good looking guy, I love it and trust me, knowing you were watching me with Kelly was making that even hotter!”
      “It was?”
      As Sammi nodded, I felt my cock once again growing between my legs. The idea she was excited by me watching was overpowering my nervousness and my cock was responding. Still, what did I really think was going to happen, that my sister, my lesbian sister, was going to fool around with me?

Word Count: 16,330

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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