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Auntie Sin


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[Incest, Aunt Nephew incest, taboo erotica, incest erotica, Aunt, oral sex, anal sex]

18-year-old Jake is graduating, and his Aunt Sinclair is coming up from Florida for the occasion. Jake hasn't seen "Aunt Sin" since she and his mother had an argument a couple of years ago. Jake has no idea what it was about, but knows his aunt is a former stripper and the hottest woman he's ever seen. Jake's been having fantasies about her for years, and can't wait to see her.

When she arrives, Jake discovers not only what the fight between his aunt and mother was about, but that he isn't the only one who's had incestuous fantasies. When his parents have to attend a party, Auntie Sin decides to teach her nephew that her nickname of "Sin" is more than well-earned!


      I lay there confused and scared. At this point, I was screwed. Auntie knew I knew, and she was probably going to discover my hard-on any minute now. My mind raced with what that meant. Either she was going to make fun of me for the rest of my life, or maybe she was...
      "Hmm, I can just taste that cock now," she whispered. "Feel it dripping down my throat."
      "Oh, man." I moaned as she pressed her tits against me.
      "If only there was a nice young hard cock here right now that I could get my hands on."
      Moving quickly, I shut the laptop and, closing my eyes, tried to tell myself I was dreaming.
      "Aww, it was getting to the part where he fucked me!"
      "Auntie, I...really don't know what you want, and..."
      "After that video you still don't?" Pressing her lips to my ear, she purred, "Honey, I want you."
      ",'re screwing with me, I...oh!"
      Aunty slid her thigh up and across my swollen cock, and began working it back and forth.
      "Not wearing any underwear, and hard as a rock." She said in my ear, "You were jerking off to your aunt fucking her nephew, weren't you?"
      "I...I'm sorry, auntie." I moaned as her legs pressed harder against my cock.
      "Why? I'm not. In fact I'm glad you want me, but I always knew you did."
      " did?"
      "Of course I did. Honey, you don't think I felt that hard cock next to me? You don't think I knew you went to the bathroom to jack off to your auntie? Better yet, I was awake that night you rubbed one out in your shorts next to me. I wanted you bad, Jake, but you were too young, so I just left it at teasing you. But now?"
      She slid her hand under the sheet, and I gasped when she grabbed my cock.
      "Honey, now you're a man and," she squeezed my cock, causing me to moan pathetically, "one who has nothing to be ashamed of!" She pumped my cock. "Nothing at all."
      "Auntie, please..." I moaned, "Please, don't tease me."
      "Tease you? Honey, I'm not going to tease you. My poor nephew is all worked up, and only a bad auntie would leave him that way."

Word Count: 21,960

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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