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Bound For My Daddy


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[Incest, Daddy daughter sex, Daddy daughter incest, Bondage, rough sex, Reluctance, taboo erotica, incest fantasy]

18 year old Keri is in trouble. After partying with her friends and passing out, Keri awakes to find herself the victim of a hazing prank.

Tied naked to her bed, she's been left for her mother to find. But to her dismay it's Dad that does. She begs him not to tell mom, and he says he won’t, for a price. That price is Keri's body.

She says no, but can't get away; she is truly bound for her Daddy.


      I started getting nervous. I didn’t like the look on his face or the way his eyes had started wandering again.
      “You see what those girls did to you? It was just embarrassing because it was here in your house. They figure your mom finds you, or worst case I do and you’re more humiliated.”
      He leaned over and began whispering softly, “Now what if they did this at the dorm Keri? What if they leave you tied up with your legs spread and the person to walk in, is one of their little frat boy buddies?”
      “I…” I trailed off as he lowered his face so close to mine his lips were almost touching my ear.
      “That happens a lot in those schools you know. They drug you and leave you like a prize for the frat boys. They tell them to go on in and do what they want. Next thing you know, little Keri’s getting fucked and maybe by more than one guy and then what?”
      “They…they didn’t do that.” I said softly, he was really starting to scare me. “And I’m done with them and…”
      “Yup,” Dad sat up and shook his head, “They come in there and they see this.”
      Grabbing the shirt he threw it off of me.
      “Dad!” I exclaimed, “What are you doing?”
      Dad didn’t answer; instead he was looking down at my tits. I felt myself turning red in embarrassment as he stared down at me.
      “Dad please! Don’t look at me I’m…”
      I trailed off when Dad slowly licked his lips and placed his hand just under my right tit.
      “Oh yeah,” he whispered, “They come in and they see this tight little body, laid out all nice and helpless.”
      “D…dad you’re scaring me.” I whispered.
      “They come over and they…” he sighed, “How can they resist? How can they look at these perfect little tits and not touch them?”
      I cried out in surprise as Dad slid his hand up and across my tit. His large calloused hand completely covered it and he started sliding his palm across it. I gasped as I could feel my nipple getting hard from the contact.
      “D…dad, stop!” I yelled at him, “I…I’m your daughter! Stop touching me!”
      “That’s true you are,” he said softly, “Tell you what else you really are Keri, and that’s a hot little thing.” He licked his lips again and I whimpered as he lifted his hand and taking my nipple between his fingers, started to roll it between them.
      “Please.” I said my lip trembling.
      “See that’s our deal Keri, I don’t tell mom about any of this and later this afternoon we’re going to go pick you out a nice little car. But for that, you’re going to let me play with this,” he let out a low whistle, “Goddamn tight little body.” He looked back down the bed, “Christ, you’ve got some legs, I’ve been staring at them a lot lately.”
      “No!” I gasped as he leaned over and started playing with my other nipple. “Stop it! You can’t do this!” Grasping at straws I blurted out. “What about Mom?”
      “Mom doesn’t look like this.” He whispered and giving my tit a gentle squeeze added, “Damn they’re firm.” He slid his hand down from my tits to slide across my stomach, “So soft.” His hand strayed lower and I jerked myself against my bonds, straining to get loose and yelling, “Please don’t touch me! I…I don’t want too!”
      “Yes you do.” He said smiling at me. “Well maybe not now, but you will when I start making you feel good.” He shrugged. “If not, whatever, it’s a favor for a favor.” He shrugged, “Or I can tell mom about your drinking and smoking.”
      “You…you’re sick.” I whispered.
      “No, just a guy who’s been teased by his hot little daughter.” He shook his head as his hand strayed back to my tits. “Those little shorts, the cheerleader outfit, damn you’re hot Keri.” He laughed, “You don’t know how many times I’ve fucked your mother thinking of you.”

Word Count: 13,820

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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