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My Friend's Hot Mom: Hot For Teacher


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[Milf, cougar, teacher student fantasy, teacher seduction, best friend’s mom, milf fantasy, milf erotica]

Adam's in big trouble; His smoking hot teacher Miss Koss caught him texting in class, took his phone and read the texts which were about all the nasty things he wants to do to his sexy teacher. Making things worse, Miss Koss is also his best friend’s mom. The next time he's at her house, Adam figures she's going to ignore him. Instead, he discovers he's not the only one with student teacher fantasies!


      I jumped when my phone vibrated in my pocket and removed it to see Blake had texted me.
      “Jesus Christ, look at that skirt, damn smooth, no?”
      “Must be wearing a thong,”
I texted back, keeping the phone under my desk.
      “I bet she’s not wearing anything!” he replied. “Bet she’s fucking wet too, writing on that board, knowing every boy in the room is gawking at that fine ass.”
      “Those stockings are thigh highs,”
I informed him. “Saw up her skirt one time.”
      “Thigh highs and no panties! God I can imagine her sitting back on the desk, pulling that skirt up.”
      “Better than that,”
I typed, “Bent over with her skirt over her hips. Fucking her over the desk.”
      “Hot, but my way I could go down on her first.”
      “So could I. I could eat her from behind.”
      “Dirty dog!”
Blake texted back. “Bet she’s got a shaved snatch.”
      “I bet she has some fur there, enough to prove she’s a real blonde.”
      “Either way, I’d kill to get a taste of that. But I’d still lick her from the front.”
      “Think about it.”
I was totally caught up on the visual. “You could get on your knees behind her and spread her ass apart, shove your tongue right in her pussy.”
      “Shit you’re right, that would be more fun.”
      “Damn straight, I’d stick my tongue in her ass.”
      “All this would be after she sucked me off,”
Blake sent back.
      I nodded in agreement as I replied, “Imagine her looking up at you? I bet she loves to suck cock, look at those lips, they’re made for it.”
      “Bet she swallows,”
Blake shot back.
      “I’d rather her let it drool out down her chin and…”
      “What’s so interesting under your desk, Adam?”
      I jerked my head up to see Miss Koss walking down the aisle towards me. I’d been so engrossed in texting I hadn’t noticed she had walked away from the board.
      “I…nothing.” I said lamely, as I tried to slip my phone into my pocket without lifting up from the seat.
      Next to me I was saw Blake slip his under his leg and looked over at me like every other kid in the room was doing.
      “Nothing?” she was now standing over me; arms crossed over her chest and her mouth set in a hard line. “Both hands were under your desk. You must be playing with something.”
      Several loud snickers sounded around the room and Miss Koss snapped, “Did I say something funny?”
      The laughter stopped, but a nervous glance around the room revealed several students still smiling over her choice of words. That and they were awaiting the upcoming show.
      “Well?” Miss Koss put her hand out, “Give me your phone, Adam. I know you were texting.”
      “No.” I shook my head, “Honest Miss Koss I was just uh…”
      “Know how I know you were texting?” Without waiting for an answer she turned to Blake and tapped his leg. ”Because I saw Blake doing it.” She snapped her fingers. “Phone, Blake, now.”
      Blake sighed and lifting his leg, handed her his phone. Turning her attention back to me she once again extended her hand. “Let’s have it.”
      Seeing no way out of it, I passed Miss Koss my phone.
      “You know I have rules in my class. Phones are to be off and out of sight,” she said.
      “Sorry Miss Koss.” Blake and I said in unison, getting more laughs from the class.
      “Only because you were caught.” Tucking Blake’s phone into the waist band of her skirt she held mine up, “Now, how about I share your oh, so interesting exchange with the class?”
      My stomach felt as if someone punched me as she slid her finger across the screen and stared at the texts.
      “Miss Koss!” I blurted, trying to grab the phone, “I’m sorry, it won’t happen…”
      I trailed off when she stepped back out of my reach while her eyes widened as she stared at the phone.

Word Count: 14,130

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft