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Let Mommy Be Your First


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[incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, first time sex, mother son fantasy, taboo erotica, oral sex, mother son seduction]

18 year old Brian is upset. Tonight was supposed to be the night he and his girlfriend Courtney lost their virginity together. Making the evening even more special, his mother made plans to be away so Brian could have the house to himself. But Courtney backs out, leaving Brian frustrated. But not for long, as Brian's mother has decided tonight is the night for him to lose his her.


      “You know Brian,” Mom said softly, her hand n caressing my leg through the sheet. “Maybe this means Courtney isn’t the one. If she can’t see how special you are for waiting, maybe she doesn’t deserve you.” She smiled, “Maybe you’re meant for another special woman.”
      “But how long would that be?” My voice rose in frustration. “I have to meet someone and take time to know them and…”
      “Maybe you already know them.” She shrugged and I was unable to look away as her tits bounced with the movement. “Maybe there is already a woman in your life who loves you.”
      My leg jerked as her hand went all the way up to my thigh and almost brushed my hard cock. Mom put her leg down and sliding further up onto the bed, turned sideways so she was facing me.
      When she moved her robe had ridden up to the point I could see all the way to her right hip. It was so high that it occurred to me she either wasn’t wearing panties or she had only a thong on underneath. As she’d gotten closer I could smell her perfume and as I continued to stare at her, I saw that the robe had also loosened at the top.
      I could see more than half of her right tit and could just make out some black lace. A sense of the surreal came over me and I was painfully aware that my cock was again throbbing at the sight of my mother’s barely covered tit. I turned my head so I would stop feeding my horned out mind and noticed the white rose still lying on the pillow next to me. Just as I went to pick it up, Mom continued speaking.
      “You know I love you Brian.”
      I smiled at the thought of what perfect timing that was and turning to her, handed her the rose.
      “I love you to mom, here, this is for you.”
      “Thank you honey!” Mom gave me a huge smile as she took it, “But this was for your special girl.”
      “Well, you are my special girl.” Leaning forward, I kissed her cheek.
      To my delight I saw mom begin to blush and unable to help it laughed, “Aw aren’t you cute!”
      “I don’t know about cute.” She said softly. “I think I’m too old for cute, but I liked wow before.”
      “You’re always wow.” I told her and wasn’t lying, because damn, she looked hot in that robe.
      “You know Brian, as much as I like this rose. It’s not very fitting,” she gave me a soft smile; “My first lover gave me a white rose, that’s where I got the idea.” She sighed, “Hard to believe that was twenty five years ago.”
      “Well I didn’t give it to you for that…”
      “No,” she continued, “I think it would be more appropriate if I were to give this to you.”
      Mom reached out and I let out a surprised gasp when she lightly trailed the rose down my chest. The soft petals tickled, but felt good. A little too good and I wondered what the hell was going on. I looked down as mom was now sliding the rose sideways across my stomach.
      Looking down caused her tits to come into view again and I noticed her hard nipples were visible even through the robe. I looked up to see she was staring down at my chest and her breathing was becoming heavier, her tits rising and falling with each breath.
      “Mom, what do you mean…”
      “Brian, I felt bad when you told me about Courtney. I know how disappointed you were and trust me I know that feeling. Your father hasn’t touched me in a long time.”
      “Sorry mom,” I began then stopped when she trailed the rose back up my chest, before placing it back on the pillow next to me. Her brown eyes locked into mine and I felt my breath catch as she gave me a smile that seemed…
      “I was the one that stressed for you to wait Brian,” she continued softy, “I told you to let it be with a woman who loved you, well I love you honey.” She leaned forward and before I could react, she placed her hand to my cheek and kissed me softly on the lips. I jerked my head back and winced when it hit the headboard.
      “I…but you’re…it’s not the same.” I stammered.
      “Love is love honey, and you love me don’t you?”
      “Of course I do.” I whispered, not trusting my voice.
      “See? We love each other, we’re special to each other and I decided that as a reward for you being such a sweet boy I’m going to make sure you get your special night.”
      “With…with you?” I blurted out.
      “Hmm-mm,” she nodded, “I know you look at me Brian, I’ve seen you and I love it. I love how even though you know you shouldn’t, you still do. I look at you too honey and I like what I see and love that you’re so sweet.”
      She slid closer and leaning over, slipped her arm behind my head. I closed my eyes and shivered as she ran her long nails up through my hair and told myself I was dreaming. I went to bed horny and my overheated mind had been thinking about…”Oh!”
      I cried out in surprise as Mom grabbed my hard cock through the sheet.
      “Oohh,” she purred inches from my ear. “Maybe you’re not so sweet!” with a wicked smile she asked, “Baby, are you hard for your mother?”
      “I…I’m sorry.” I managed to get out, “I…oh, oh please don’t” I pleaded as she started stroking me through the sheet.
      “Don’t be nervous honey. Just relax and enjoy. Courtney would have been nervous and things would have been awkward, but I’m not nervous” I groaned as she squeezed my cock and I felt my underwear becoming wet as it started to ooze. “Oh, no, I know exactly what to do to give my baby a special time.”
      “But you’re my…”
      “Doesn’t matter.” She whispered in my ear, “All that matters is I love you and want to give you what you want and you love me and are going to give me what I need.”
      “Mom, I…”
      “Come on baby,” she purred in my ear, “Let mommy be your first.”

Word Count: 12,490

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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