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[Milf, cougar, teacher student, teacher seduction, milf erotica, older woman younger man, teacher fantasy, cougar cub]

Laura is an English teacher who earns extra money giving private lessons. She is also a smoking hot cougar who's tired of men her age and looking for a cub. But right now needs to work as much as possible to make ends meet. Laura gets an opportunity to work and play when the father of her student Max makes her an offer. Max is a virgin and Laura is paid to give him some very sexy private lessons.


      Reveling in my powerful orgasm I let loose with a sound that could best be described as a howl and worked my hips as fast as I could into his hand. His cock was also pinned between my legs now and even as I came I thought of what it was going to be like to explode like this on that long, thick and…young cock.
      My body slumped against his and I emitted a long shuddering moan as the last of that amazing orgasm flowed through me. I relaxed into him and sat there trying to convince myself I could move after that.
      I turned my head to see Max staring down between my legs, a slight smile on his face. I opened them and grabbing his wrist, I raised his hand in front of us and with a wink I put his fingers in my mouth and sucked on them.
      “Hmm.” I purred as I sucked my juices from him. Releasing them I smiled, “A real woman loves to taste herself, and I can’t wait to taste me from that big dick of yours.”
      “J…Jesus.” He shook his head.
      “Max, can I ask you a question?”
      “Have you ever made a woman come before?”
      Max gave me a huge smile and nodded, “Yes, why yes I have!”
      “Has a woman ever made you come before?”
      “No, but…ask me again in a few minutes.” He grinned.
      “There you go, have fun with it, it’s not serious, Max, and it’s about fun so…how about I show you some fun?”
      “I’m up for fun.”
      “You’re up for your teacher, that’s for sure.” I agreed, grabbing his swollen cock.
      I pressed it against my bare pussy for a brief moment and shivered at the feeling of his hot hard flesh against my hot little box, then quickly slipped the bikini back in place before I lost control and hopped on.
      I pumped his cock slowly and using my other hand cupped his heavy balls.
      “Hmm, Max you feel like you have a lot of cum in there.” I gently squeezed them causing him to moan in my ear, “Is it all for me? Instead of an apple you have a nice big load for your teacher?”
      “My naughty teacher.”
      “That I am, in fact I’d say slutty teacher.” I sighed as I stroked his cock, “Just like in that movie.”
      That gave me an idea and lifting my leg I stretched it out to the coffee table and was able to click the mouse on the lap top and with my toe, taking the video off pause. The movie resumed with the teacher on her knees, pumping her student’s cock and I jerked his faster.
      “Look at her, Max, look at that dirty whore playing with her student’s cock. Did you watch this and think of me? You think of me being a dirty girl, playing with your cock, sucking it, fucking it?”
      “Yes,” He moaned over my shoulder.
      “I thought of it too, Max. I lay there by the pool with my nipples hard and my pussy dripping thinking of doing just what I’m doing, playing with my hot student’s big cock.”
      “Oh, goddamn.” He whimpered as he pumped his hips, sliding his cock through my hand.
      I rubbed his sensitive head causing him to gasp and smearing his pre cum on my hand used it to lube up his cock. My hand glided faster over his slick flesh and I continued to rub his balls as he looked over my shoulder.
      The look on his face was priceless as he stared past my tits to watch me work him with both hands. On the screen the teacher was now sucking his cock and I whispered.
      “Look at that, Max, look at her sucking him, you want me to suck it don’t you?”
      “I do.”
      “And I will, if you keep being a good student, but not today, today I’m going to jerk this big dick off all over myself, but next time? Next time if you’re good? I’ll be right where she is, on my knees with your cock between my lips.”
      “I…Oh, I’d like that.” He groaned.

Word Count: 29,540

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft