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Mom Needs It Bad!


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[mother son incest, mother son sex, incest, erotic bondage, mild reluctance, taboo erotica, incest fantasy]

For Troy the day couldn’t get any better. His mom’s at work and his kinky friend Dawn has him naked and cuffed to the bed, his mother’s bed. But what the hell, mom will never find out. Things are going hot and heavy until his mom walks in. She tells Dawn to leave, but rather than let Troy go, she decides to have some fun with her bound son. After all, he's in her bed…doesn't that make him hers?


      I cried out in surprise when she pulled the shirt from my cock and tossed it aside. “Mom, what are you doing?”
      “Just looking at what I’ve been missing.” She said her eyes on my cock. “I have to admit I was standing there for a minute before I yelled at you.”
      “You were?”
      “I was. I was watching that little slut suck your nice big cock.” She sighed, “Brought back memories, brought back needs.”
      “My cock?” I shook my head, “Mom you’re drunk. Let me out of these so you can go to bed.”
      “Oh, what’s the matter, Troy? You only like to hear the word cock when it’s from a cute little girl? You have something against older women?”
      “You’re not an older woman, you’re my mother.” I pointed out. I was getting nervous, I didn’t like the way she was staring at my cock.
      “But I thought all you young guys liked milfs and cougars.” She surprised me by cupping her tits, “I’m not a milf? Lot of young men flirt with me at the bar.”
      “You’re a milf to them.” I agreed, “But you’re my mom and….hey!”
      I yelled in surprise when mom grabbed my now soft cock.
      “Oh, it’s not happy anymore, but I think I could make it that way.”
      I lay there in shock when my mother pumped my cock, stroking it slowly.
      “Mom, let it go, you can’t touch me like that.”
      “I can do whatever the hell I want, Troy. This is my house and you’re my son so that means it’s my cock.”
      Mom stroked faster and my heart pounded. To my chagrin my cock was beginning to stiffen from her soft hand. This is my mother! I yelled at myself, stop that!
      “There we go.” She said in a soft whisper that I would have found sexy coming from someone else.
      “Mom, are you crazy?” I demanded, trying to will my cock not to respond to her touch.
      “No, just frustrated, but you’re going to help me with that, oh yes you are.”
      “How am I going to help you?” I sighed with relief when she released my now semi hard cock.
      “Oh, you’ll see.” Mom grabbed her shirt and with no hesitation pulled it off.
      “Mom!” I shouted as she stood there in front of me, topless. “What the hell are you doing?”
      “What’s the matter honey? You don’t like real tits?” She held up her large breasts and my eyes widened when she rubbed her blue nails over her rose colored nipples, “You like those itty bitty little girl tits?”
      “Mom, you need to stop this. Let me go, take a shower, go to bed.”
      “Oh, I’ll shower and go to bed, but not before I get some satisfaction.”
      “Oh my God.” I said softly when Mom reached back and unzipped her skirt.
      She pushed it down and I was shocked to see her wearing a black lace thong as skimpy as Dawn’s had been. Mom hooked her fingers into the sides of it and putting her back to me pushed it over her hips.
      Close your eyes, I told myself, close your eyes. She’s drunk, this is fucked up, just don’t look. But yet my eyes stayed open, transfixed by the fact my mother was seconds away from being naked except for her damn porn star shoes.
      The thong slid over her ass cheeks and when she pushed it lower, the crotch stuck to her before peeling away from her pussy. That meant she was wet. My mother was fucking wet and getting naked.
      “Wake up” I whispered as she bent over, showing me not only her ass, but her slit from between her thighs. A dream, this is a messed up milf porn inspired dream. No way my mother, no matter how drunk, would act like this.
      Mom pushed the thong to her feet and remained bent over as she unhurriedly slipped her heels off. My eyes couldn’t pull away from her pussy. Her lips were the same rosy color as her nipples and her ass was pretty damned impressive.
      Not as petite or slender as Dawn, Mom had some curves and her ass was much rounder and softer looking than Dawns. When she straightened and turned to face me, my eyes shifted to her tits.
      They were far bigger than Dawn’s and although they hung down a little from her age and their size, they looked as good as any older porn star’s I had jacked off to. What the hell was wrong with me? I hadn’t been drinking!
      I looked down between my legs and was dismayed to see that although not fully erect my cock hadn’t shrunk, in fact it was harder than when she had released it.
      “The way I see it.” She came over and put one knee up on the bed. “Is seeing this is my bed and there’s a good looking young man in it with a nice big cock then shouldn’t that cock be for me?”
      “Mom, its…oh.” A moan escaped me when she grabbed my cock and stroked it faster than before.

Word Count: 13,110

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft